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Baba Me Econobum Cloth Nappy

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PRODUCT: Baba Me Econobum Cloth Nappy ( Econobum

DESCRIPTION: A reusable one-size cloth nappy, which includes a waterproof polyester cover and a cotton prefold insert. Features include form fitting elasticated legs, adjustable waist poppers, and a 3 x 3 adjustable snap system to fit babies between 8 - 35+lbs. Available in four colour designs: white, zinnia (red), ribbit (green), and moonbeam (blue).

BAD POINTS: The Econobum is a very affordable and environmentally-friendly cloth nappy, which comes in an attractive choice of colour coordinations, and is designed to be used from birth through to potty training toddlers!

The nappy consists of a wonderfully soft waterproof outer shell, made from 100% polyester. Gentle elastic around the legs and waist helps to keep messes contained and prevent leakage, and a number of snap fastenings around the waist line allow the nappy to be adjusted to fit snuggly and comfortably around your baby. In addition, a unique and very clever 3 x 3 popper system provides three rise adjustments to suit the age and size of your baby; small fits 8-16lbs, medium fits 15-22lbs, and large fits 22-30lbs. An added benefit of these snaps is that their secure fastening means they cannot easily be undone by older toddlers.

Babame EconobumThe nappy also includes a prefold insert, made from 100% unbleached cotton, which  simply sits inside the cover, and can also be adjusted as required to suit your growing baby. Additional inserts can also be added if you wish to increase the absorbency of the nappy at night.

The Econobum is designed to be as quick and easy to use as a disposable nappy, and at each change only the used insert need be replaced for a fresh one, while the outer cover can be reused. The inserts can then simply be machine washed ready for use again.

This is a very affordable reusable nappy that will not only save you money, but has some well-designed features that enable it to used as quickly, easily and conveniently as a disposable nappy.

BAD POINTS: You will need a new nappy insert at every change, so you will need to purchase several in one go - this will be pricey, but only a limited number are required as they can be reused. Solid waste needs to be removed manually from the nappy prior to washing. The Econobum cover can be line dried only.

PRICE: 1 x outer £6.95; 1  x outer and 1 x insert £8.95 (trial pack); 3 x outers and 12 x inserts £44.95 (starter pack)

Available from Amazon: Baba Me Econobum

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