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Monsuno: The Battle Begins Series 1.1 DVD

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PRODUCT: Monsuno: The Battle Begins Series 1.1 DVD (

Monsuno DVD

DESCRIPTION: A DVD based on the Monsuno animated television series (as seen on CITV and  Nicktoons) aimed at older children. Contains 7 episodes with a runtime of approx. 154 mins, Certificate PG.

The DVD contains the following episodes:
1. Clash

2. Courage
3. Underground
4. Wicked
5. Knowledge
6. Breakthrough
7. R.S.V.P.

GOOD POINTS: Fans of the popular Monsuno television series can now buy the very first Monsuno series on DVD, released on 15th October 2012!

Currently showing on the CITV and Nicktoons channels, Monsuno is an American-Japenese animated series distributed by FreeMantleMedia, and follows Team Core-Tech, aka 12-year old Chase Suno and his friends Bren, Jinja, Dax and Beyal who, together with their gang of hybrid animal monsters (Monsunos), take on evil forces intent on destroying the earth!

The DVD contains seven action-packed episodes in all, with each episode carrying the story on a little further. The episodes reveal how the adventures all begin, revolving around some re-awakened Monster DNA (called Monsuno) that finds its way into the hands of Chase, and Chase's subsequent quest to find out where his scientist father (the creator of the Monsuno) has disappeared to, and uncover the true origins of their Monsuno monster friends. Of course, the episodes feature many spin-out battles as Team Core-Tech try to defeat the sinister forces who are trying to bring the Monsuno under their own control.

The animation is typical of the Japanese anime-style production, with exaggerated physical features and expressions, and limited but dramatic movements and actions. Each episode on the DVD lasts approximately twenty minutes, with the catchy Monsuno theme tune at both the start and end. There is also the option for your child to watch all the episodes back-to-back or to just select their favourite ones.

In our opinion, this is a really great action-packed animated series for older children which will be a must-have among any Monsuno fans!

BAD POINTS: None that we can find!

PRICE: £9.99


Available from Amazon: Monsuno The Battle Beginsalt


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