Outwell Fuji Electric Camping/Patio Heater

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PRODUCT: Outwell Fuji Electric Camping/Patio Heater (www.outwell.com)Outwell Fuji Electric Camping Patio Heater

DESCRIPTION: A hanging heater lamp for mid-tent suspension. Features include two settings (600W / 1500W), halogen heating element, instant heat, odourless heating, and a 1.9m cable cord with plug for 230V. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Size: 42.5cm (diameter).

GOOD POINTS: The Fuji Electric heater from Outwell is a great two-in-one solution for brightening up your camping trips as well as providing some much needed warmth to those inevitable cooler summer evenings!

Similar to a pendant lamp in appearance, the heater can be used both indoors and outdoors, and is designed ideally for mid-tent suspension to ensure that it does not come into contact with tent sides or ceiling.

A chain is provided complete with two hooks to allow it to be fastened to the top of the heater at one end, and to be hung from a suitable attachment point at the other. A generous cable cord provides plenty of length to run safely to power points (plug included).

The main body of the heater itself consists of a stylish silver metal cover with a meshed cage on the underside that encases the heater lamp safely and securely. A switch box and cord allow the lamp to be operated easily and conveniently.

Pulling the cord once runs the heater on low (600W), while pulling the switch again switches the heater to high (1500W). It is visibly easy to work out which setting it is on as both top and bottom halogen heating elements will work (i.e. heat and glow) when on high, as opposed to just the top element when on low.

The most impressive feature of this heater is the speed with which the heater emits heat, providing instant warmth and light as needed. What's more, there is no fuel involved so no potent burning smells to fill enclosed spaces.

In our opinion, this is a brilliantly versatile product for use on family camping events as well as in any garden/courtyard. The heater has a modern appearance and good design features that enable it to be set up and operated quickly, easily and safely.

BAD POINTS: As with any such heater, it needs to be left to cool completely before removing/packing away. The heater requires a suitable attachment point in the centre of the tent ceiling which may not be readily available in all tents. While the heater is suitable for outdoor use, it is not a good idea to leave it out in (forecast) wet conditions.

PRICE: £99.99

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