Outwell Flock Classic Double Airbed

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PRODUCT: Outwell Flock Classic Double Airbed w/Pillow & Pump (www.outwell.com )Outwell Flock Classic Double Airbed

DESCRIPTION: A 100% PVC inflatable black double-sized airbed for family camping trips, with velour cover, built-in pillow and foot pump, and a double seal valve. Dimensions are 195 x 133 x 18/28cm. Also available in single size. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

GOOD POINTS:  If you're looking to ensure your camping experience offers a comfortable night's sleep for all the family, then look no further than the range of flock airbeds from Outwell, specifically the Flock Classic Airbeds - very reasonably priced, and available in both double and single sizes (we will review the double size here).

The first thing to say is that the flock is very easy to set up, thanks to an incredibly convenient built-in bellows pump - a small rectangular box integrated into one of the bottom corners of the airbed...meaning one less thing for you to forget to pack!

The flock is easily inflated by simply removing both the white valve cap and plug, placing your foot over the valve opening and pumping (similar to a regular foot pump), replacing the plug and cap once you have reached the desired pressure (and comfort level). This is a relatively quick and easy process (it took us under ten minutes at a fairly standard pump rate!), and the double seal valve ensures the air does not escape (so less likely to have to pump it up again in the night!).

Deflating the bed after use is just as easy by opening the black value on the side of the flock and forcing the air out. The flock can then be folded back up compactly for easy transportation and storage - we even managed to get it back into the original box.

In terms of comfort, the airbed is made from a tough and durable PVC, the top side of which is covered in a velvety flocked surface which provides much needed softness and warmth. The added built-in pillow is a nice touch, and the flock provides enough depth and support to ensure that occupants are lifted clear and insulated from cold or damp ground. The fact that the bed is made from PVC means that it is also easily cleaned after use (especially useful given the typical British muddy weather!).

In our opinion, the Flock Classic Double is a very comfortable and very convenient airbed to add a bit of luxury to any family camping trip.

BAD POINTS: The length of the flock is standard (approx. 6") so taller people may find their feet hanging off the end. No puncture repair kit is included.

PRICE: £37.95


Available from Amazon: Outwell Flock Classic Airbedalt


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