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Gameforge Wizard 101 Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Game

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PRODUCT: Gameforge Wizard 101 Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Game ( Wizard 101

DESCRIPTION: A family-oriented Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game which is set in a magical Ravenwood Wizard City, where the Wizarding World is looking for apprentices! Includes parental control facilities, and an unlimited free trial period, with further available paid-for packages and subscriptions. Suitable for play by both children and adults.

GOOD POINTS: Wizard 101 is an MMO game designed to appeal to all of the family, but primarily aimed at children. As the name may suggest this is a chance to enrol in Wizard School, where you can train in one of seven schools (depending on the way in which you answer a number of questions when you register your wizard): fire, ice, storm, life, myth, balance, and death. Each of the schools of magic has pros and cons, in terms of the strength of spells you can cast and the chance of the spells working, and spells from any of the schools can be 'purchased' for use regardless of the school you are initially assigned to.

Wizard 101The spells themselves are used in duels against various fairytale foes: you encounter ghouls, trolls etc., each of which can have a different power level which increases as you progress through the various worlds, making combat progressively harder as you level up. Additionally, there is the chance to enter the player vs player (PvP) arena so that you can enter combat with 'real' people as opposed to the standard non-player characters (NPCs) that you tend to interact with.

Combat is turn-based with spells represented by cards (think Pokemon, Bakugan etc.), and the idea being that you try to reduce an opponents life meter to zero. Each spell (if successfully cast) is animated and the results are seen in the combat arena, which makes the battles all the more exciting. Battles can be joined by other players as well as NPCs ,which means you can work together with other players or friends you have made through the in-game chat system.

The chat system, since the game is aimed at anyone from 6 years +, is fairly restrictive in order to provide a safe gaming environment, and this theme continues with the naming of your character as well as any pets you may gain on your travels, i.e. you select the names from a combination of predetermined options.

Pets can be purchased in the game, and add an Wizard 101extra facet to the gameplay as they can also be trained and levelled up to aid you in combat, as well as provide access to a number of minigames that include races, mazes as you train them.

Gameplay follows a fairly standard mission based storyline, through which you level up your Wizard through duelling and completing missions from NPCs. The story starts in 'Wizard City' but continues through a number of themed worlds with differing enemies and missions.

Throughout the game various items can be collected or bought from traders which can be used to enhance your Wizards characteristics, and as you progress the 'crafting' and 'gardening' functionalities in the game allow you to make (or grow!) some of your own.

Two ways of 'purchasing' the game are possible after you have tried a free trial: a subscription based purchase that gives access to all worlds and missions as well as many more benefits, or a real money purchase of in game currency 'crowns' which allows you to pay your way through the game (far more expensive if you end up playing it a lot). See the pricing section below for more details. Whichever way is chosen, the game is constantly evolving with more missions, items, tasks etc. released regularly.

Wizard 101The graphics, sound effects and music are all of high quality, and make the game experience exciting and fun for both young and old. The game interface is very easy to use for players of any age and the wizarding theme will capture anyone's imagination, meaning that parents and children will want to play together to see how the 'story' progresses.

In all, an immersive and constantly evolving game and community, which invoves plenty of problem-solving and creative thinking, and will have you hooked from day one!

BAD POINTS: Since the game is primarily aimed at kids, the chat system is very restrictive making it difficult for players to communicate with others at all (one of the benefits of MMO games). As with other MMO games, Wizard 101 is very addictive and if not paying for a subscription, the game could get expensive quickly for regular don't leave any credit cards lying around for your kids to find!

PRICE: Pricing varies depending on how much time you/your child want to spend on it. Players buy crowns which enable them to buy exclusive items and mounts, including Wizard Club Membership (which can only be bought on the website

An approximate breakdown is:
2500 crowns = £4.49
6290 crowns = £8.87
25,000 crowns = £22.19
62,500 crowns = £44.39

In terms of membership 8,000 crowns pays for roughly one month's membership. More crowns would pay for a longer time.


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