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Safety 1st Swing Tray Booster

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PRODUCT: Safety 1st Swing Tray BoosterSafety 1st Swing Tray Booster

DESCRIPTION: A plastic child booster seat for attaching to high back chair. Includes swing tray, seat base, seat back, restraint straps, chair straps, and four legs. Suitable for children aged 6 months – 4 years.

ASSEMBLY: Easy to put together and comes with clear instructions and diagrams. The seat back and four legs slot into respective positions in the seat base, the tray clips into place on the arm, and the restraint straps thread through the designated holes on the sides and back of the seat, ready to be fastened to the chair.

GOOD POINTS: This is a very useful seat which is reasonably priced and compact, and is therefore ideal for taking away on holiday or simply if you are short on space or budget. The fact that it fits onto a high back chair also allows your child to join in with family meals at the dining table. The legs have three adjustable positions to cater for differing table heights.

The seat back supports your child from behind, and the restraining straps which secure your child into the seat are adjustable to suit your their age and size. Two sets of adjustable straps ensure the seat is fastened securely around the bottom and back of the chair. The legs also have rubber non-slip pads on the base to grip the chair seat.

The tray is attached on one side only which allows it to swing open and shut, and makes the process of getting your child into and out of the seat much easier. The tray can be secured across onto one of two clips on the opposite arm to prevent it swinging or being pushed open when in use. If the tray is not required, then a handy cap which is stored on the back of the chair can be clipped into the tray hole to keep it clean.

The seat is plastic so can be easily wiped clean, and the tray is dishwasher safe (although rinse cycle only).

BAD POINTS: The innermost clip to fasten the tray across is not that useful and makes the tray sit at an angle. The hygiene cap is awkward to unclip from the tray hole, and the seat back is very difficult to dismantle.

PRICE: Approx £20


Available from Amazon: Safety 1st Swing Tray Booster


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