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Hauck Trigger Lock Pressure Fix Safety Gate

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PRODUCT: Hauck Trigger Lock Pressure Fix Safety Gate ( Pressure Fix Safety Gate

DESCRIPTION: A metal static safety gate which is pressure-fitted to fit an opening of 76cm to 83cm, and up to 111cm with additional extensions (sold separately). Includes childproof trigger release locking mechanism and hands free 'slam to shut' feature. Suitable for children up to 24 months.

ASSEMBLY: The gate is quick and simple to erect, and instructions (with diagrams) are included. Firstly, the four spindles with the tightening nuts and bungs need to be fitted onto the top and bottom ends of the gate. Then the gate is positioned as required (checking the opening is an appropriate width to accommodate it), and the fixing cups attached to the wall, door frame or stair post, using the adhesive backing (or screws and wall plugs) as supplied. It is important to ensure that the gate is adjusted as required to ensure that the lock mechanism meets, and the gap between the swing gate and the U-shaped frame of the gate is parallel. 

GOOD POINTS: The Hauck Trigger Lock Pressure Fix Safety Gate is incredibly easy to set up (see above), and is a sturdy and durable gate that provides an effective barrier to keep your child contained away from dangerous areas. 

Hauck Pressure Fix Safety GateThe gate is an attractive subtle silver colour and is made of metal to ensure long lasting use. Once fitted, the safety gate locks shut via a secure locking mechanism, and while the gate is designed to be easy and convenient for adults to operate, the double action trigger release prevents small children from opening it themselves.

The gate can be opened either inwards of outwards by simply pushing the two bright yellow buttons in on the locking handle until the catch is clear of the adjoining bar. This can be done one-handed which is very handy if you already have your hands full! The gate also has a slam-shut function which means if pushed gently it will close and automatically lock behind you (although it is always worth double-checking that the gate has shut properly).

The gate can be used effectively with your child until they are old enough to work out how to open it themselves or climb over it, and the fact that it can be fitted without the need for screws means that there is limited damage to walls, doorways and stair posts when you come to remove it. In addition, extension pieces can be purchased separately which allow you to fit the gate across openings outside of the standard width.

In our opinion, the Hauck Trigger Lock Pressure Fix Safety Gate is a really well made protective barrier to keep your child out of harm's way, and its user-friendly yet childproof design gives parents much needed piece of mind around the house.

BAD POINTS: The gate is static and therefore cannot be moved around from one doorway to another, so you may need to purchase more than one. As with many such safety gates, there is a step-over bar at the bottom which may be a trip hazard. The instructions are a little confusing to follow, although the gate is very easy to fit.

PRICE: £24.99

Available from Amazon: Hauck Trigger Lock Safety Gate

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