Vivid Imaginations Magic Ballerina Dress Up and Dance Set

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PRODUCT: Vivid Imaginations Magic Ballerina Dress Up and Dance Set ( Imaginations Dress Up and Dance

DESCRIPTION: A ballet set aimed at young children, containing an instructional DVD, Magic Ballerina book, leotard (one size) and a tutu with elasticated waist. Suitable for children aged 5 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: The Magic Ballerina Dress Up and Dance Set is a definite must-have for any little aspiring ballet dancers, and is educational as well as great fun.

The set is reasonably priced and contains not only a DVD and storybook, but also some dressing-up clothes so that your child can really practise at being a famous ballerina.

The set is endorsed by the world famous ballerina Darcey Bussell, and so will particularly appeal to young girls who have a keen interest in ballet.

The accompanying DVD has an approximate running run of half an hour, and is split into two 'Practice' and 'Performance' sections. The DVD is introduced and led by Darcey Bussell herself, who first takes you through some essential warming up moves followed by several of her favourite ballet moves, performed by three young girls Delphie, Rosa and Holly and their ballet instructor Madame Za Za (based on the characters from the Magic Ballerina books).

Vivid Imaginations Dress Up and DanceThe DVD is very well done, with the moves performed clearly and at a good pace for your child to join in. Each move is demonstrated a number of times, with lots of useful advice from the instructor and Darcey on how to execute the perfect performance. After learning the individual moves, your child can then put them together to perform a whole choreographed sequence, as demonstrated by the girls, and also by Darcey herself in a snippet of her performing the ballet 'Sylvia'. The great thing about the DVD is that your child can watch and re-visit the ballet moves as often as they want or need, and can then keep practising at their own leisure, anytime and anywhere!

So that your child can feel the part as they practise their moves, the set includes some cute ballet dress-up clothes, including a pale pink leotard as well as a purple performance skirt (tutu), which has an elasticated waist for easy fitting. Your child can also add to these clothes with their own, i.e. tights and ballet shoes.

The set also includes a bonus story book taken from Darcey Bussell's Magic Ballerina series (six books in the series to collect). This book, 'Delphie and the Magic Ballerina Shoes', tells the story of Delphie, a little girl who longs to be a professional ballerina. One day she receives a magic pair of ballet shoes from Madame Za Za which take her on an action packed adventure based on The Nutcracker, where she must help save the toy soldier and defeat evil King Rat! The back of the book also contains some basic ballet positions (with diagrams and text) for your child to follow.

In our opinion, this is a really fun and well thought out set for young girls, which contains everything they need to inspire and support them in their journey to become a famous ballerina...just ensure you clear a space first!

BAD POINTS: The leotard only comes in one size, so it may have limited wear dependent on the age and size of your child.

PRICE: £19.99


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