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Kobots Series 1 Starter Pack

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PRODUCT: Kobots Series 1 Starter Pack ( Starter Pack

DESCRIPTION: A starter pack to introduce young children to the Kobots Dual Action Toy collection. Consists of a foiled packet containing 1 x sticker book, 1 x 'Kobotron' gaming device, 1 x Game Arena gaming device, and 1 x 'blind' Kobots figure pack (includes 2 x Kobots figurines, 2 x bases, 2 x stickers, and 1 x Krator). Suitable for children aged 5 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: The Kobots Dual Action Toy Game is the latest craze to hit the playgrounds, likely to be particularly popular amongst young boys, and this very reasonably priced starter pack is the perfect way for your child to start their Kobots collection.

The Starter Pack is foil packaged and contains everything your child will need to introduce them to the world of Kobots - a set of 48 brightly coloured and highly collectible miniature alien figurine characters which your child can use to battle against their friends.

Kobots Starter PackThe story behind the Kobots is quite detailed, but the pack includes a brilliantly informative sticker album which is packed full of easily digestible information and colour pictures about, among other things, the 'Kob Universe' and the creation of the 'Kobots Federation'. In addition, the book introduces your child to the six Kobots teams (grouped by various colours, characteristics and attacking/defending skills), and each of the eight unique characters within each team.

The pack also includes a figurine packet which contains not one but two Kobots figures. The figures come in an unidentifiable (sealed) 'mystery' bag, meaning your child won't know which two Kobots are in it until they've open it. These 'blind' packs are also available to buy separately...great for adding to the excitement of building up a collection, and any repeats can simply be traded with friends.

Each bag also includes a stand, or aeroslider, for each of the Kobots (which sports the unique number found on its base), as well as a 'Krator' which can not only be flipped to decide turns, but can also be used to 'launch' the figurines into battle (note that there are three types of Krator for each of the six teams, eighteen in total).

In addition, the bag includes two character stickers which of course have their rightful place in the sticker album, as well as a mini collector's card which enables your child to keep track of the Kobots/teams they have and still need. 

Added to this, the starter pack contains two fun gaming devices to allow your child to challenge their friends to some exciting battles. TheKobots Starter Pack 'Kobotron' game consists of a cardboard stand-up target, into which Kobots can be launched (using the Krator), using high and low shot techniques, to try and score the most points. The 'K.O. Bot' game is played using a detailed cardboard battle arena, whereby players take turns to shoot their Kobot (again using the Krator) onto the arena to knock down or 'eliminate' other Kobots.

An additional game, called the 'Battle' game, requires neither gaming device, and involves your child lining up their Kobots opposite their opponents' Kobots and using the Krator to shoot their figurines at the opposing side.

Instructions (and techniques) for all three games are well laid out in the accompanying sticker album, using simple step-by-step guides that are easy for young children to follow.

In our opinion, this is a really great value and informative pack which is full of fun figures and games that will leave those new to the Kobots universe wanting more!

BAD POINTS: The Kobotron and Game Arena are cardboard and could easily be bent out of shape. As the figures are bought 'blind', it may become quite expensive if your child is intent on completing the full collection and you could end up with several doubles!

PRICE: £3.99 for Starter Pack; £1.99 for single 'blind' pack

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