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Totally...Matt Hatter Chronicles 3D Magazine

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PRODUCT: Totally...Matt Hatter Chronicles 3D Magazine ( Matt Hatter Chronicles Comic

DESCRIPTION: One in a series of themed comic magazines which focuses on the Matt Hatter Chronices showing on ITV and CITV, featuring 3D cartoons and puzzles, as well as facts, information and free gifts. The magazine switches each month to focus on a variety of popular children's films, television series, and games.

GOOD POINTS: Based on the Matt Hatter Chronicles as seen on ITV and CITV, this particular edition will be a huge hit among any fans of this popular television series. Having said that you don't need to be an existing fan to enjoy this action-packed the magazine title suggests, this is a comic 'totally' dedicated to the Matt Hatter Chronicles, so any newcomers will be fully filled in on all the basics!

For anyone not familiar with the Matt Hatter Chronicles, it is an adventure-comedy for children aged approximately 5-10 years olds, which follows a 13 year old boy whose life is changed forever when he discovers that his family are guardians of the 'Multiverse', a secret dimension with a gateway which is accessed through The Coronet movie theatre - Matt's home! Famous villains from movies screened at The Coronet have escaped into the Multiverse and are now under the control of evil Lord Tenoroc. Matt must become the new Hatter hero in order to protect the Multiverse, and together with his best friends Roxie and Gomez, he must save his Grandpa and defeat the villains using their ultra-cool gadgetry. 

The freebies are a great enticement to buy the magazine....a 3D Crossbow Blaster with two shooting discs will provide lots of fun (although watch out for the ornaments!), and a Matt Hatter multivision visor incorporates a set of 3D glasses which will be required throughout the magazine.

There are a good number of pages (36 in total) which are jam packed with information, stories and activities to keep your child fully entertained and which make good use of the 3D glasses provided. These include a breakdown of information about the various heroes, villains and Matt's collection of gadgets, as well as comic strips, competitions, puzzles and activities, and even a pull-out poster. There's also a great little Hatter Hero quiz at the back for your child to test how similar they are to Matt Hatter himself, and some fun cut-out targets for use with the blaster!

In our opinion, this is a really fun-filled magazine for young children which features all the show's familiar characters and some great adventures, and the use of the 3D glasses within the comic is a really great way of maintaining interest throughout.

BAD POINTS: Quite expensive, like all the magazines these days!

PRICE: £3.99 - on sale throughout February only!

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