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Babisil Munch Sets

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PRODUCT: Babisil Munch Sets ( Mu Munch Set

DESCRIPTION: A 3-piece set of tableware for babies and toddlers, consisting of a bowl anchor, bendy spoon and roll-up bib. Suitable for children aged 6 months. Available in various designs:

Mu Munch Set – Purple Cow
Fu Munch Set – Orange Tiger
Ribbit Munch Set – Green Frog
Su Munch Set – Blue Monster

GOOD POINTS: The Babisil collection of Munch Sets by Bebeco are a uniquely flexible and compact feeding range, which come in a wonderfully fun and colourful choice of animal and monster-based designs to appeal to young children and toddlers. The sets are perfect for encouraging 'baby led weaning' or self-feeding, and are designed for use both in the home or out-and-about.

Each of the sets consists of three tableware products – a bowl anchor, spoon and bib, all of which are free from BPA, Phthalate, PVC and Oestrogen.

The bowl anchor is a clever little suction pad which holds plastic baby bowls, pots and glass jars in place to make the self-weaning process easier for your child. The large suction cup on the top of the 'anchor' attaches securely to the bottom of the feeding vessel (adding a drop of water certainly improves the hold), while the underside of the anchor grips firmly to any wood, plastic and glass surface. Its practical design not only Babisil Su Munch Setprevents the bowl from moving and slipping around as your child tries to feed themselves, but also makes it incredibly difficult for them for to throw their bowl (and their food) all over the floor! Two useful ear-shaped corner pads enable parents to easily peel the suction pad off the surface once feeding time is over, and the anchor is very easy to clean.

The Babisil bendy spoon is a durable and very flexible plastic utensil that is cleverly designed to be adapted, angled and straightened as required to cater fully for your child as they learn to self-feed. The top of the spoon's handle is rigid, while the head and lower half of the handle can be gently and easily bend round into more angled shapes to cater for the less controlled and less flexible arm movements of babies and young children. The head of the spoon is a good size for small mouths, with raised sides to assist scooping, loading and containing food, and the tip of the spoon is very soft on delicate gums. The bendy nature of the spoon also makes it ideal for either left or right handed children.

The other item in the set is a flexible pelican style bib which is made from 100% silicone. The bib is a generous size to effectively protect your child's garments, and has a built-in crumb catcher at the bottom to catch any food mess and spills....ideal for weaning and perfect for limiting mess! The bib is incredibly light and soft to provide maximum comfort on baby’s skin, and has a innovative adjustable hook and loop clasp fastenings around the neck to suit your child’s size and age. This is easy to adjust (instructions are provided on the packaging), and is very safe as it automatically releases if the straps are caught. In addition, the bib can be instantly wiped cleaned and used again (unlike many fabric bibs that must first be washed), and its flexible design enables it to be rolled up compactly for easy storage or travel.

All three items in the set are safe for use in both the dishwasher and steam steriliser.

In our opinion, these are well designed feeding sets which are not only fun and funky, but incredibly practical, and great for enabling your child to experiment safely with independent eating. The set comes in an attractive, detailed and compact box and makes an excellent gift idea.

BAD POINTS: None, other than the spoon cannot be used in the microwave.

PRICE: £9.99


Available from Amazon: Babisil Munch Sets


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