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Drumond Park Box of Shocks Magic Set

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PRODUCT: Drumond Park Box of Shocks Magic Set ( Park Box of Shocks

DESCRIPTION: A magic set containing 12 'shocking' tricks and special effects. Contains whispering magician, snake can, spider box, fake egg, small plastic hand, vanishing ink, pen through the hand, ketchup bottle, the magic glass, world's deadliest creatures, the squirting chewing gum and the finger breaker. Instructions manual included. Suitable for children aged 8 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: The Box of Shocks is another great product from Drumond Park which is perfect for aspiring young magicians and has a definite 'shock' factor that is not for the faint of heart!!

The box contains a wide selection of props to enable your child to practise and perform twelve original and classic magic tricks, with great design and attention to detail to produce some wonderfully surprising results. For example, among the classics there is a fun little fake crisp can which releases not one but two pop-out 'jumping' snakes, a magic beaker which your child uses to seemingly throw water over their chosen 'victim' without actually getting them wet, and a fake ketchup bottle which squirts out pretend red sauce!

In addition, new pranks include a false finger which your child pretends to snap off using built-in 'cracking' sound effects, a magic pen which appears to draw ink that mysteriously vanishes, and one of the world's deadliest creatures which suddenly appears on your hand!

Each of the pranks requires a very small amount of preparation, with everything that your child requires included in the box (except for the odd bit of tap water or sellotape). The set is aimed at older children due to the comprehension and sleight of hand required to make the tricks a success, and the accompanying instructions manual is detailed and clearly laid out for your child to follow themselves, using step-by-step instructions and colour illustrations to guide them through setting up and executing the trick. 

This is, in our opinion, an exciting box of clean and clever trickery that is ideal for building children's confidence through communication and performing to their audience, and will inspire them to practise and experiment with some fun special effects that are sure to make friends and family shriek and squirm! 

BAD POINTS: Quite expensive. Once your child has run out of a willing audience, the set might have limited use.

PRICE: £19.99

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