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Phil & Teds Vibe Double Buggy

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PRODUCT: Phil & Teds Vibe BuggyPhil & Teds Vibe

DESCRIPTION: A 3-wheeled single or double inline pushchair. Features include lightweight aluminium chassis, single hand operated brake, multi-adjustable handle, quick release wheels, rear wheel guards, fully reclining seat unit, adjustable slide lock 5-point harness, chest and crotch pads, padded seat liner, sunhood, newborn back flap, integrated foot rest, wrist strap, pull bar, shopping basket and instructions. Can be converted to a tandem using the Phil & Teds Inline Double Kit (sold separately) which can be attached to the front or back of the pushchair. Also compatible with the Phil & Teds Vibe Cocoon in either the single or double mode, the Phil & Teds Peanut Bassinet, and a number of car seats using the Phil & Teds Vibe Car Seat Adaptors (all sold separately). The main pushchair is suitable from birth to around 6 years (max. 20kg/44lbs), the tandem seat is suitable from 6 months. Available in black or red/black.

Dimensions are as follows:
Unfolded: H115cm x W65cm x D106cm
Folded: L75cm x W65cm x H30cm (without seat units)
Weight: 12kg

ASSEMBLY: Upon unfolding the chassis, some simple assembly is required prior to use, however the detailed and diagrammed instructions (also available online) clearly explain what is required. In particular, the rear wheel guards along with the front and rear wheels must be fixed into place, and the pull bar and sun canopy attached if needed. No tools are required for any of the assembly.

Phil & Teds VibeGOOD POINTS: The Phil & Teds Vibe is certainly a great purchase if you have (or are planning to have) a growing family of tots that need to be transported around! Aside from the fairly hefty price tag, the Vibe is a wonderfully designed and very versatile pushchair that provides a number of travel options for transporting either one or two children.

The main pushchair seat is suitable for use from birth, and is generously wide and deep in size (apparently wider than previous models), offering plenty of sitting space and also catering well for older children. The padded headrest and washable padded seat liner provide maximum comfort for both long and short journeys, and the five-point harness (with chest and crotch pads) straps your child securely into the pushchair. This harness is fully adjustable to cater for their age and size, and a clever and easy-to-use slide lock located behind the seat liner provides three different height adjustments for the shoulder straps.

The backrest on the main seat can be reclined to any position you require (unlike many pushchairs which have preset reclining positions) via a simple seat adjustment clip on the back of the seat unit. Zips running down either side of the seat unit enable it to recline fully to a lay-flat position for newborns and nap times.

This lay-flat position is also ideal for using with the Phil & Teds Vibe Cocoon (sold separately), a lightweight and wonderfullyPhil & Teds Vibe padded newborn carrycot with handles, which sits flat on the pushchair seat (with baby's head nearest to you) and enables you to lift baby into and out of the buggy without having to disturb them. The headrest on the main seat folds out to create a barrier to prevent the Cocoon from sliding out the back of the buggy.

With or without the Cocoon, a clear plastic back flap (included) attaches via toggles to the back of the pushchair when the seat is in the lie-flat position, to provide some protection from the elements as well as enabling you to see your baby at all times. This can be used in conjunction with the Vibe raincover (not included).

The Vibe comes with a concertina-style hood which offers some essential shade to your child from the sun as well as from light showers! This hood can be detached completely if required and can also be slid up the handle if your toddler requires extra headroom. In addition, a large shaped integrated foot rest provides leg support to older children, and a detachable pull bar with zip cover offers a great attachment for toys, as well as acting as a useful handle for manoeuving the buggy when folded. When not being used, it can be handily stored on the rear cross bar. In addition, a wrist strap attached to the handle of the Vibe is ideal if you need to secure a third child close by, or just if your toddler likes to take turns walking and then being pushed!

Other great features include an adjustable padded handle that can be rotated upwards or downwards dependent on parental height, a large shopping basket located underneath the chassis to provide plenty of storage space, and an effective easy-to-use brake system which can be operated one-handed (no feet required!) via activation/release buttons on the handle.

Phil & Teds VibeOne of the great benefits of the Vibe is its compatibility with alternative Phil & Teds (and indeed other) transport accessories (sold separately) to provide a full travel system, including, apart from the Vibe Cocoon already mentioned, the Peanut Bassinet, as well as a range of car seats which can be fitted to the Vibe using the Vibe Car Seat Adaptors.

Furthermore, the Vibe can be transformed quickly and easily into an inline tandem pushchair using the special Vibe Double Kit (also sold separately). This consists of a second seat which can be fitted either to the front or the back of the pushchair depending on the age of your children. In the front position, this second seat fits into the front frame sockets, with the main seat reclined flat. This allows baby to be carried in the main pushchair seat under the second 'toddler' seat, which not only provides baby with a secure and snug environment to travel in, but also reduces the risk of your toddler waking them up (i.e. it is difficult for them to reach round) and also allows your toddler maximum continued interaction with you and their environment.

In the back position, the second seat attaches onto the rear cross bar, offering a more upright sitting position for your baby once they reach around six months of age (maximum load 15kg/33lbs), with the shopping basket providing the footwell. Like the main seat, the second seat has a padded seat liner, adjustable five-point harness, chest and crotch pads, and a choice of three shoulder strap heights, and also comes with a sun hood and zip-round seat recline capability.

The Phil & Teds Vibe is very simple to fold using the safety and fold locks, with the added benefit that it can be folded with the sunhood, pull bar and even the doubles kit still attached (to either front or back). The Vibe has great steering even with a full (second) load, and is easy to push, with good manoeuvring ability at low speeds around corners and up and down curbs. A swivel front wheel can be locked to ease travel over uneven surfaces, and large inflated tyres ensure a smooth transit whatever the terrain...the back wheels even come with wheel guards to protect against splashes in wet or muddy conditions! All the wheels are quick release for easy removal to aid storage, packing or pumping tyres.

In our opinion, this really is a great transport option for busy lifestyles and growing families, and is likely to be the only pushchair you will need. It has a modern and stylish look, with a hard wearing and wonderfully flexible design, plus a capability to easily transform into a double configuration for transporting any combination of ages from newborn through to older child.

BAD POINTS: The pushchair is fairly expensive and many of the 'accessories' need to be purchased separately. It has a wide wheel base which can easily get caught on door frames. The tyres are prone to punctures. The front wheel has a tendency to oscillate when travelling along. The second seat does not recline very far and has inadequate headroom for a toddler. In the back position, the shopping basket becomes the toddler's footwell which limits storage space. When the handle is in its uppermost position, the hood bangs against your hands. The brake button is very sensitive and easy to accidentally knock on. The pushchair does not include a raincover (either single of double) which must be purchased separately.

PRICE: Approx. £500


Available from Amazon, Toys R Us and Mothercare


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