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Dreamgenii® Pregnancy Support Pillow

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PRODUCT: Dreamgenii® Pregnancy Support Pillow ( Pregnancy Support Pillow

DESCRIPTION: A unique support pillow designed to promote restful sleep for pregnant women. Also doubles as a feeding support pillow once baby arrives. The pillow is filled with hypo allergenic and fire resistant hollow fibre, and comes with one white cotton mix pillow cover.

GOOD POINTS: This is a very innovative, comfortable cushion which is easy and effective for pregnant ladies to use, and avoids the need to arrange countless pillows around the bed to get comfortable! It works by giving essential support to the bump, back, and knees, and is designed to encourage pregnant women to sleep on their left side, which can be effective in coaxing baby into the optimal position for birth.

Dreamgenii Pregnancy Support PillowThe pillow comprises three parts: the left-hand cushion gives support to the small of the back and helps prevent you from rolling onto your back when asleep, thereby encouraging maximum blood flow to both you and baby. The right-hand cushion supports your bump, while the connecting knee support (the long part of the cushion) passes through the knees to reduce pressure on the upper knees. There is also an adjoining panel which connects the left and right sides, and keeps the pillow in position under you during the night if you turn over.

Dreamgenii Pregnancy Support Pillow An additional design feature is that once your baby has arrived, the pillow cleverly doubles up as a comfortable support for feeding your baby: the knee support fits into the small of your back to give essential back support, whilst the left and right supports fold over to form a cradle support for your baby to lie on. Clear and easy-to-follow instructions for use as both a pregnancy support and feeding support pillow are provided on the packaging.

The pillow comes in a handy zipped plastic casing which is useful for travel and storage. A range of pillow covers are available to buy as separates, and all covers are fully machine washable.

In our opinion, the Dreamgenii® Pregnancy Support Pillow is well designed and manufactured, and we would highly recommend it for during pregnancy.

BAD POINTS: Very few, other than additional pillow cases are a little expensive, and the pillow is slightly fiddly to get back into the pillow cover.

PRICE: The support pillow (with cover included) is approx. £45. Additional white pillow covers cost £11.50 each; patterned/fleecy pillow covers cost £22.50 each. 

Available from Dreamgenii, Amazonalt and Boots

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