JoJo Maman Bébé Multi-Use Maternity Bump Bandeau

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PRODUCT:  JoJo Maman Bébé Girls Bump BandeauJoJo Maman Bébé Multi-Use Maternity Bump Bandeau (

DESCRIPTION:  An elasticated cotton band for mums-to-be to wear over existing or maternity trousers during the early months of pregnancy. Available in black or white, and in sizes small, medium, and large.

GOOD POINTS:  The bump bandeau is a fantastic product for pregnant women, which is very effective and versatile. It is a wide belt-style band of elasticated cotton material, which is designed to slip over or under the bump to help with some of the clothing issues which are common to women during the early months of pregnancy.

Firstly, it is ideal for use over the top of maternity trousers that have yet to be grown into, to secure them in place around the waist. Secondly, it can be used over existing trousers once difficulties occur in fastening them up over growing bumps. The bandeau has a special double button which fits at one end through one of two holes on the band (dependent on the size of bump) and through the button hole in the trousers at the other end. The button on the trousers then simply fits through an additional button hole further round on the bandeau.

Dependent on the preferred style, the bandeau can be worn directly over the bump or alternatively can be folded in half to sit under the bump, which is ideal for providing a little extra support. The bandeau is also perfect for using instead of a belt over baggy tops, as well as adding extra warmth and 'cover-up' with shorter top styles.

In our opinion, the quality of the bandeau is superb and is very flattering and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. It is also easy to clean and machine washable, and available in different sizes to cater for all body and bump shapes. This is an excellent accessory for any mum-to-be.

BAD POINTS:  None, other than it cannot be tumble dried.

PRICE:  £15


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