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Theraline Mamma Silicone Nursing Pads

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PRODUCT: Theraline Mamma Silicone Nursing Pads ( Mamma Pads

DESCRIPTION: A pair of non-absorbent breathable silicone breastfeeding inserts which prevent milk leakage. Each pad is approx. 2.7mm thick, with an adhesive layer of >0.1mm.

GOOD POINTS: Any mum who has breastfeed their baby will understand the associated inconvenience of breast milk leakage in between feeds. However, the intriguing Mamma Pads from Theraline are uniquely designed nursing inserts which, unlike conventional nursing pads that soak up leaked milk, actually prevent the leakage in the first place! 

Made entirely from soft breathable pollutant-free silicone, these ultra thin pads (which come two to a pack) are covered in a very thin layer of medical adhesive which enables them to remain in place on the breast completely by themselves, as well as mould easily around differing breast shapes. 

The pads work by creating a surface tension which applies light pressure to the breast and gently pushes the nipple inwards. This simple reflex temporarily shuts off the fine milk ducts, thereby preventing any excess milk from escaping. This is a totally safe method, and by simply removing the pad the ducts will instantly reopen, allowing the milk to flow normally again without any harmful effect.

Furthermore, this prevention of milk leakage means that Theraline Mamma Padsbreasts are not in prolonged direct contact with moisture (as with conventional absorbent pads), which in turn helps to prevent inflammation and thrush.

The pads are surprisingly comfortable to wear, and their transparent colour and close-fitting design make them non-restrictive and virtually undetectable under clothes, allowing them to be worn without any problem under close-fitting clothes, evening garments, sportswear or swimwear. They can even be worn at night without a bra which is a definite added comfort.

The Mamma Pads are also a very cost-effective choice as they are reusable and can be easily cleaned after each application with warm water and pH-neutral soap (and left to air dry). As such, each pad should last up to several months before you need to buy another.

The pads come in their own storage box with protective cups to keep them in top condition in between uses, and there is lots of useful information and guidance on the accompanying packaging.

In our opinion, the Mamma Pads are an ingeniously designed, skin-friendly product, which offer a reliable and comfortable alternative to conventional breastfeeding inserts and allow new mums to get on with all their daily activities unrestricted. 

BAD POINTS: Quite pricey for two pads, however they offer obvious long-term financial savings compared to conventional nursing pads.

PRICE: £14.95

Available from Amazon: Theraline Mamma Pads

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