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Theraline Maternity & Nursing Pillow

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PRODUCT: Theraline Maternity & Nursing Pillow ( Original

DESCRIPTION: A shaped antiallergenic pillow, designed not only to provide a comfortable resting position for pregnant women, but also to double up as a feeding support pillow once baby arrives. The pillow is filled with odour free polystyrene microbeads, and comes with one pillow cover. Range of cover designs available in either twill cotton or jersey material. Dimensions are 190cm x 38cm.

GOOD POINTS: The Original Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow is a simple yet effectively designed pillow which is intended for use both during and following pregnancy.

The pillow is a V-shaped design filled with millions of light polystyrene microbeads, which creates a warm, breathable and flexible support that conforms easily to body shape. For this reason the pillow is ideal for providing a comfortable resting position for mums-to-be, whether lying down or sitting up, and avoids the need to arrange countless pillows around the bed to get comfortable at night!

It works by giving essential stable support to the bump, back, and legs, and can be used to target the areas most in need! It also prevents pregnant women from rolling onto their back when asleep. In addition, its lightweight and flexible properties allow sleeping positions to be changed easily as required.

Theraline OriginalFollowing the birth of your child, the Theraline pillow also provides a perfect nursing support cushion for baby. The pillow moulds easily around baby's body and provides the ideal feeding height and position to create a relaxed and comfortable environment for breastfeeding or indeed bottle feeding. This in turn puts less strain on your back, neck and shoulders and even allows you a free hand! Furthermore, once your child is older and more mobile, the pillow can be used as an aid to support them in the sitting position.

The pillow comes with one good quality, supersoft cover, available in a lovely range of colours and patterned
Theraline Original designs in a choice of either twill cotton or jersey. The cover is very simply to put on and remove from the pillow via a large zipped opening, and extra pillow covers can be purchased separately if required. Both the pillow and pillow cover are machine washable, and can be tumble dried on low heat. Useful instructions on optimal pillow positions and washing are provided with the packaging.

In our opinion, this is a very versatile, comfortable and effective pillow for providing some much needed support during pregnancy and baby feeding.

BAD POINTS: The pillow does include one pillow cover, but you will probably need to purchase at least one extra cover to allow for spills and washing.

PRICE: £44.95 including one cover; £14.95 per extra cover.

Available from Amazon: Theraline Maternity & Nursing Pillow

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