Press Release: Hauck Group Scoop Gold and Silver Awards Practical Pre-School 2012!

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2012 Practical Pre-School Awards

Over the years Practical Pre-School awards have gone from strength to strength, delivering key information to parents in relation to Baby and Nursery items. Each year items are submitted for these prestigious awards and are rigorously tested.

This year Hauck Group was delighted to be awarded the Practical Pre-School Gold Award for our Babycentre Travel Cot and Practical Pre-School Silver Award for our I’coo Phoenix Pushchair.

The Hauck Babycentre Travel cot winning Gold due to its quality, range of accessories and

Hauck Babycentre Travel Cot

 making life easy. Here are just some of the comments from the Testers stating why this was a hit with the testers:

The Hauck Babycentre travel cot has everything you need to ensure baby has a safe, comfortable night’s sleep at home or on the move.”

“It is easy to transport as it comes with its own carry case, and is easy to move from room to room.

The cot comes with flip-out changing station, mobile to entertain and pockets for all those essentials, making life easy for parents.

Hauck Icoo Phoenix

The I’coo Phoenix won Silver winner due to its Sporty design, chic colours and versatility. As some testers stated:

“This is one of the best pushchairs we have ever owned.”

“It has a classic design, is good quality and easy to fit together. It had a number of hood combinations and adjustments that could be made to the straps and the seat back depending on the age of the child.”


Press Release: Coundown to Movember!

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Advice for the boys by Nutritional Therapist and expert Jackie Lynch ~ the founder of Well Well Well clinics in London

Movember is almost upon us! It’s that time of year when moustaches are well and truly in vogue, as men ditch their shavers to raise money and awareness for men’s health charities. While it’s all great fun, and you might be tempted to join in yourself, it’s also a good opportunity to think about your own health and check that you’re doing everything you can now to avoid potential health issues later.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that men’s health is an older man’s concern – it’s not just all about the prostate. So here are a few tips you might want to take on board to optimise your health.

  • How often are you having a curry? A recent study from the BMJ showed that more than 5 portions of white rice per week can increase the risk of diabetes by a massive 27%.That’s easily fixed by swapping brown rice for white rice, and while you’re at it, you might try whole-wheat pasta instead of white pasta, as it has pretty much the same effect as white rice.
  • Working out hard on an empty stomach? Did you realise that you could just be burning muscle instead of fat, and wasting all your hard work, thanks to the stress hormone, cortisol. Cortisol is released when your blood sugar is out of balance due to long gaps between meals, or a diet high in sugar, refined carbohydrate, caffeine and alcohol.
  • Carrying extra weight around your middle? A disproportionate amount of abdominal fat, compared to the legs and hips, for example, can lead to cardiac problems and diabetes. It also generates hormones that stimulate the appetite, creating a vicious circle and making it hard to lose weight. A high fibre diet can help stimulate hormones to counteract this, so try eating more vegetables and whole-grains.
  • Struggling to conceive? Make sure you’re not letting the side down by including plenty of zinc, vitamin C and selenium in your diet (e.g. vegetables, nuts, seeds). These are crucial for sperm development, count and motility. They can be depleted by high levels of caffeine and alcohol, which are also associated with sperm abnormality and delayed conception.
  • Concerned about your prostate? Protective antioxidants can help support prostate health, so eat lots of fresh vegetables, such as tomatoes, rich in lycopene; green leafy vegetables rich in lutein, and orange and yellow vegetables to boost vitamin C and beta-carotene.

So don’t just leave it to chance. A few adjustments to your diet now, might just pay dividends later and keep you younger for longer.


Press Release: The World's First Ever LEGO Room Service Menu Launches at Bovey Castle!

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LEGO logoMonday 29th October saw the launch of the World’s first ever complimentary ‘LEGO Room Service Menu’ at the UK’s most luxurious five star, familyLEGO Bovey Castle hotel – Bovey Castle.

Celebrated with a series of LEGO master classes by Duncan Titmarsh - the UK’s only Certified Professional LEGO builder, and served with a deliciously devised LEGO afternoon tea, friends and family of Bovey Castle were able to share this legendary LEGO moment.
Mr Young, a guest at the LEGO launch - who attended with his eight year old son Freddie - said: ‘The atmosphere at Bovey Castle was electric yesterday and I felt privileged to be privy to such a wonderful day with my family. My little one could not contain his excitement during the LEGO master-class, making a terrific, albeit creative mess and declaring his day to be ‘better than Christmas’!’

Setting a new standard for room service worldwide - just in time for the October half term and Christmas - the young and the young at heart now have something extra special to look forward to at check-in; An exclusive LEGO Room Service menu offering a selection of LEGO’s most popular ranges such as LEGO Friends, LEGO City, LEGO Star Wars and LEGO DUPLO.

To make the most of this innovative service, pick up a colourful LEGO menu upon arrival and after a quick browse, simply tick the box next to your chosen set, hand to the front desk, and voila!, the LEGO concierge team – complete with LEGO brick name badges -  will deliver directly to your door.

An established brand for 80 years, LEGO has been a toy for most, and can now be shared across the generations in the comfort of Bovey Castle’s sumptuous surrounds. And, once the kids have gone to bed, there could even be a quick few moments for an unsupervised play before venturing downstairs to the hotel’s beautiful Oak Bar.

Hotel Manager, Federico Aresti commented: ‘The team at Bovey Castle was delighted by the fantastic response to the LEGO menu launch party yesterday. The lounge was filled with laughter and activity from both adults and kids alike, and we all watched in amazement as an image of Bovey Castle was brought to life by the masterful LEGO builder Duncan Titmarsh. Launched to coincide with our ‘Kids Stay Free’ half term deal, we really hope everyone will make the most of this innovative new service and hope to welcome you and your family to Bovey Castle in the very near future.’

Alongside creative LEGO building, families can enjoy the relaxing Sundari spa and pool, a world-class golf course, stunning scenery and an array of activities, such as fly fishing, apple pressing and egg collecting with the Bovey Rangers and the must-see daily falconry display at 10am.

For further information about The LEGO Group or to view the full product range please visit

For further information please visit or call 01647 445000.


Press Release: First Golden Ticket Found in Vivid's Golden Iggy promotion!

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Moshi Monsters logo

The first golden ticket in Vivid’s Golden Iggy promotion has been located by eight year old Chloe Nice from Chelmsford.

There are four tickets still to be found, all of which still remain hidden in the Moshi Monsters Series 4 Collectable Figures blind bag packs.

The nationwide promotional campaign launched at the end of September and challenges Moshi fans to find five Golden Tickets concealed within Moshi Monsters Series 4 Collectable Figure blind bags. The five lucky ticket holders win a trip to Moshi HQ with one overall lucky winner being presented with an exclusive solid gold Iggy Moshling as first prize plus their weight in Moshi products. The four runners up will receive goody bags of Moshi merchandise.

Fans can keep track of where golden tickets have been found, by checking out the map on the Golden Iggy microsite:

The search continues!


Press Release: Second Annual ‘Family Friendly Hotspots’ Report Released

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The new Family Investments report identifies the best postcode for young families based on an analysis of sixty seven different factors:

  • Wokingham (RG41), a market town situated 33 miles west of central London, with a population of over 30,000 has moved to the top of this year’s list as a result of excellent Key Stage 2 school scores, childcare provision and earnings prospects
  • RG41 is one of three postcodes in Berkshire’s M4 corridor which feature in the top 20
  • Devon also features prominently, with four of the top twenty postcodes located in the largely rural county
  • New online tool allows parents to search for their ideal postcode location at

Today, award winning children’s savings provider Family Investments publishes its second annual Family Friendly Hotspots Report. This unprecedented picture of all 2,400 postcodes across England and Wales has been achieved by analysing 67 different data sets covering crucial factors likely to impact a family’s decision-making process when they consider moving to a new area. Based on this analysis, the unique study identifies the top 20 postcodes offering the best range of essential and desirable factors for family living.

The study investigated factors that cover the essentials of family living, including:

  • Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 4 results
  • School inspection outcomes
  • Quantity and quality of Early Years care Affordability of childcare (new to the 2012 edition)
  • Local crime figures
  • Property affordability (based on average house prices and local salaries) 

Alongside these critical elements, lifestyle factors were also considered, which combine together to create the perfect backdrop for a happy family life, these included:

  • Existing population of parents with young children
  • Parks and green spaces
  • Leisure centres
  • Zoos and farms
  • Museums and theatres 

Wokingham: top spot for families

Wokingham is a market town and civil parish in Berkshire situated 33 miles west of central London, with a population of over 30,000. It is a historic town and records show that it held its first market in 1219 while by the 17th century it was famed for its bull baiting. Nowadays, it is well-equipped with various facilities from a range of private and state schools to several churches and an art gallery. What is more, transport to London Waterloo takes little over an hour, making it an ideal home for commuters. The town also sits in the M4 corridor where there are a cluster of major technology companies. These factors may explain the relative affluence of the area as the average salary is £33,544. The postcode scores well as a result of its excellent schools and childcare provision, and low level of crime. Consequently, it is a very popular area for young families.

Online tool

An online tool has been designed to show families how their postcode performs in each of the key areas measured. It also enables them to identify their ideal location based on individual preferences such as house price range and the importance of good local schools –

Kate Moore, Head of Savings and Investments at Family Investments said: Wokingham’s place at the top of our table reflects its combination of excellent school results, relative affordability for young families and low crime levels. Everybody has different ideas about what makes a great location to start a family and bring up a child and we have tried to be as comprehensive as possible in gathering information on the factors parents have told us are most important. We hope families find our report interesting and we have tried to make it as inclusive as possible by designing an online tool that allows parents to adjust the weightings of each factor to generate postcodes that might suit their own particular needs.

We know that family finances are under pressure and have attempted to provide parents with as much information as possible on the affordability of key financial considerations such as house prices, and a new addition for this year’s report, childcare affordability. Of course we do recognise there are some factors that can’t be measured, such as the valuable support provided by family and friends that live close by.”

For further information visit:


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