Press Release: UK Rubik's Championship's a Storming Sucess!

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Rubiks National

Sunday 4th November saw a new King of the Cube crowned at Leicester University. 15 year old Alexander Lau beat off tough competition to be the new UK Champion with an average time of 9.24 seconds! As well as facing almost 100 human competitors from 9 countries, Lau also had to face stiff competition from the world’s fastest 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube solver, the Cubestormer II robot! The mechanical wonder, created by Mike Dobson and David Gilday, stole the show and although not officially entered to compete, completed the Cube in around 5 seconds alongside the MultiCuber and MindCuber robots, who were also at the event showcasing their Rubik’s Cube solving skills.

There was also more success for the UK with student Simon Crawford from Nottingham winning the iconic Rubik’s Cube 3x3x3 ONE HANDED competition.

Rubiks National 2012 34Rubik’s Cube Fun Facts

• The Rubik’s Cube has 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 – that’s 43 quintillion - possible combinations on its six coloured faces – but it has only ONE solution.

• More than an estimated 350 million Rubik's Cubes have been sold worldwide. If all the cubes were placed on top of each other it would be enough to reach the North Pole from the South Pole!

• 'Cubing' still infects people of all ages. 'Cubaholics' are said to suffer from 'Rubik's wrist' and 'Cubist's thumb'!

• Ernö Rubik invented the Cube in the spring of 1974 in his home town of Budapest, Hungary.

For more information about the Rubik’s Cube, including fun facts, visit


Press Release: Introducing the stylish Bibee Dress for new mums!

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Bibee logo

Staying stylish and elegant is the motto for Bibee Dresses
One dress. Any Occasion.


Maintaining a stylish wardrobe when becoming a new mum, is a dream we all have, but it is not always easy. Baby feeding inevitably means yourBibee dress outfits are regularly decorated with milk stains and you quickly become frustrated, or ambivalent, about what you look like. Stylish new designer, Bibee Dresses, brings a trouble-free solution to new mums who are not prepared to compromise on style or quality.

The perfect dress for maternity and breast-feeding, the Bibee Dress has a smart design that allows you to change the chest or ‘Bib’ of your dress - creating a capsule wardrobe, which avoids last minute ‘what to wear’ dilemmas and gives hassle-free access for breast-feeding. Perfect in an emergency, you simply carry an extra Bibee Bib in your nappy bag, along with baby’s spare outfit, for a quick change anywhere, ensuring pregnant ladies and new mum’s always look great - no matter what the day holds.

Bibee Bibs come in a range of beautiful designs and colours, perfect for both daytime dressing and evening glamour. By simply purchasing a range of Bibs co-ordinating with your favourite Bibee Dress, you have an instant maternity wardrobe that will take you from mummy-time to me-time.

The luxury fabric and A-line cut of the dress flatters a growing bump and doesn't cling to a post baby figure, helping new-mums feel more glamorous until their figure returns to its pre-pregnancy shape. The dress is pleated, disguising the waist and giving a sophisticated swing to the skirt.

The removable Bibee Bib is designed to open at one side, allowing breast-feeding mums the opportunity to subtly feed when out and about, without the need of a cover-up. Attached by buttons on the shoulders and under the arms, the Bibee Bib covers the areas most susceptible to stains, such as the shoulders and chest, and can be easily removed and replaced.

The staple maternity wardrobe item that will carry you through pregnancy and beyond, the Bibee Dress will save the wearer:

Money - by reducing sporadic ‘help me I have a new figure’ purchases;
Time - deciding what to wear;
Washing and ironing - as you can simply wash the Bibee Bib in isolation…

and it makes breast-feeding easy! The Bibee Dress is a perfect choice for a busy mummy who is not prepared to compromise on style or quality.
Bibee Dresses including a matching Bibee Bib start at a RRP of £175.00 with individual Bibee Bibs available at RRP £40.00-£50.00 The Bibee Bib range includes designs incorporating flowers, birds, jewellery and more. Bibee T-shirts are also available to sit underneath the Bibee Dress RRP£40.

Bibee Dresses will be on sale for the first time at The Baby Show, Earls Court – 26-28 October 2012. On-line sales will launch shortly after this time.

For more information, to view the range and online orders (from mid-November) visit


Press Release: B Kids Triple success Right Start Awards 2012!

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B Kids logo

Triple Award Success Right Start Best Baby Essential Awards 2012

Right Start Best Baby Essential awards hosted every year look at all the most innovative, educational and interactive toys available on the market. The award guide details all the top products for parents looking to pick that perfect toy or gift for their baby. Each entry has been thoroughly tried and tested at home by Right Start’s team of testers so you can be confident the winning items featured in this annual guide are the Best!

B Kids Loop n Links Toy Awarded Right Start Silver Award. As one tester stated:

“Babies loved this, especially in the car because the motion makes the characters swing back and forth.”

B Kids Whacky Monkey Highchair Toy Right Start Highly Commended. As one tester stated:

“This cheeky monkey dept babies entertained long enough for mum to get meals ready. Good for developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.”

B Kids Music Mates Smart phone Highly Commended. As one tester stated:

“A fun, inexpensive mobile that does a little more than just ring, like some toy phones. Our six-month-old baby liked the picures on thephone but most of all just wanted to chew it – fortunately is has touch rubberised edges so doesn’t get marked.”

B Kids range is available in leading toy stores, online Amazon, Bambino Direct, Lambs Toys, or just click online to find local stockist.

Ian MacCrimmon stated “Our new B Kids toys are designed to entertain, and make learning and play fun for all the family”. “We were thrilled to accept these awards from the Right Starthe Bizziebaby Bronze Award”.


Press Release: B Kids Awarded Silver & Bronze Awards in recent Practical Pre-School Awards!

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B Kids logo

B Kids Double Award Win in recent Practical Pre-School Awards 2012

Over the years Practical Pre-School awards have gone from strength to strength, delivering key information to parents in relation to Baby and Nursery items that have been rigorously tested and are voted award winners due to the expert design and versatility for parents and children.

This year B Kids were delighted to receive the prestigious Practical Pre-School Silver award for our innovative Watch over Me Dream Station and Bronze award for our Music Mates Smart Phone.

The Watch Over Me Dream Station is a first – a new sleep station with ‘Smart Sensor Sleeping Programme’. Utilising SMART Sensing TechnologyB Kids Watch over Me Dream Station which is based on detection and measurement of Body Heat, Motion and Sound which results in a comprehensive monitoring of a baby’s sleeping phases. On average newborns sleep from 13-16 hours per day during the first three months. It takes about 4-6 month to train your infant to sleep smoothly and this makes the first 4 months an important period in helping your baby develop a sleep pattern that it ultimately will adopt, as it will lead to better sleep habits throughout their early teen years. For this reason, parents always seek advice and products that will help to create a soothing environment for their children as a means of putting them to bed, not only at night, but also during naptime as well. Watch Over Me becomes the first device on the market that helps create a consistent environment aid, putting your infants to bed, watches over them throughout the night and gently wakes them up when sleeping is over.

What made this an award winning item? Just one of the testers comments:

Wow! The dream station is totally unique, the sounds are amazing and it helps by playing music until infants fall asleep. The smart sensor knows when the baby is waking, it has five smart sleeping programmes and the mood light is lovely. We use this every day and love it!

B Kids Music Mates Smart PhoneMusic Mates Smart Phone – Just like the real thing, youngsters can press keys that activate animations, music and sound effects on this cuter personal phone replica. Fun interactive play and an award winner.

Ian MacCrimmon stated:

Our new B Kids Toys and nursery range are designed to entertain, and make learning and play fun for all the family”. “We were delighted to be recognised by the prestigious Practical Pre-School awards and to be confident in the knowledge our Toys and Nursery items are meeting the needs of parents today.

B Kids range is available in leading toy stores, online Amazon, Bambino Direct, Lambs Toys, or just click online to find local stockists.


Press release: Hauck Sit 'n Relax Double Award Winner!

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Hauck Group logo

Celebrating Double Right Start Award win for the 
Innovative Sit ‘n Relax

Right Start magazine host the Right Start Best Baby Essential awards every year, showcasing a wide variety of those important baby and nurseryHauck Sit n Relax items which are essential to all new parents.

This year Hauck were delighted to be awarded not 1 but 2 awards for our Sit ‘n Relax. The formula of offering a two-in-one item incorporating a baby seat and highchair scooped Gold award and Best Investment. An item that will grow with your child and as one tester stated:

“The seat has a secure harness and is really simple to adjust. The large tray has a good lip to present food slipping off. Rear wheels make it easy to move.”


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