Press Releae: What do kids really think of their Dads?

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LEGO logoHero, hard-working, good driver, embarrassing?


As the first major LEGO campaign hits TV screens for the pre-Christmas advertising season, LEGO has surveyed dads and kids to find out what kids really think of their dads and how dads really want to spend that precious downtime with family.  


When it comes to play, there is a huge choice of activities and games that are available to children today, that weren’t available for dads when they were kids. Despite this, the top favourite dad/child play time is football, board games and LEGO, real interactive play is still clearly a winner.  Interestingly, 95% of Dads play the same things with their kids that they played with their own fathers so there is a sense of traditional play passing through the generations.  For 72% of Dads, play is the way of spending great quality time together, whilst getting to play and be a kid themselves!


So, what do kids think of Dads today?  Well whilst 65% of kids says he can be embarrassing with his dad dancing, bad jokes and too much of that public display of affection stuff, 90% also say he is their hero!  Still, Dads of today sympathise with this plight as they also have childhood memories of their Dad having the embarrassment factor.  However 58% of today’s dads admit to deliberately trying to embarrass their children.


Children were also asked what makes them proud of their Dad.  A quarter say it’s how he looks after the family and a fifth that he works really hard to give the family a good life – so it’s clear Dads of today are installing good family values.  A surprise is that driving is clearly important to the kids, 60% say he’s great at driving the car which is good news for road safety!


*Survey carried out by Opinion Matters in October 2013 on behalf of LEGO.