Press Release: B Kids Watch Over Me Dream Station Winner BANTA Award 2012

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Watch Over Me Dream Station awarded the prestigious BANTA Award 2012 within Sleep Accessories.

B Kids had a great reaction to their Newest Arrival at the Harrogate Nursery Fair 2012 and they were delighted to accept the BANTA 2012 Award within the Sleep Accessories Category. The BANTA judges commented "An innovative product and shows a point of difference from others in this category." Ian MacCrimmon was delighted to be presented the award at the Harrogate Fair commenting "An amazing accolade for our new arrival and confirmation that the  new 'SMART Sensing Technology' incorporated within the Watch Over Me Dream Station will be an asset to new parents this year."

The Watch Over Me Dream Station is a first – a new sleep station with ‘Smart Sensor Sleeping Programme’. Utilising SMART Sensing Technology which is based on detection and measurement of Body Heat, Motion and Sound which results in a comprehensive monitoring of a baby’s sleeping phases.

On average newborns sleep from 13-16 hours per day during the first three months. It takes about 4-6 month to train your infant to sleep smoothly and this makes the first 4 months an important period in helping your baby develop a sleep pattern that it ultimately will adopt, as it will lead to better sleep habits throughout their early teen years.

For this reason, parents always seek advice and products that will help to create a soothing environment for their children as a means of putting them to bed, not only at night, but also during naptime as well.

Watch Over Me becomes the first device on the market that helps create a consistent environment aid, putting your infants to bed, watches over them throughout the night and gently wakes them up when sleeping is over.

Watch Over Me Dream Station incorporates the 5 Phase Smart Sleeping Programme. 

Phase 1 – Time for Bed - Place baby in crib and activate Watch Over Me. As the paddles begin to sway, gentle music and soft projected lights help to calm baby down and prepare them for sleep.

Phase 2 – Falling Asleep - As the Smart Sensor detects less activity by the sleepy baby, light music and movements of the Watch Over Me are made quieter and calmer to help ease them into sleep.

Phase 3 – Asleep - Once the Smart Sensor detects no sound or movement from baby, the motion, projected lights and music are replaced by soothing mood lights and white noise.

Phase 4 – Continued Sleep -The Smart Sensor standby and continues to monitor baby throughout the night. Iy will offer mood light to keep baby calm should they wake up.

Phase 5 – Waking Up - Once the present timer completes its cycle (4/6/8 hours); Watch Over Me will turn on the mood light and begin playing soft music. The motion and light show will then begin to encourage baby to wake up. This will put baby in a happy mood to start a new day.

B Kids Watch Over Me Dream Station arriving in stores July 2012.

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