Press Release: Breast really is best with breastvest!

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breastvest logoHow much to cover up when you breastfeed in public is a personal thing, but if you're not too keen on showing off your post-baby belly to the world, the breastvest could be exactly what you need.

breastvest will cover your postnatal tummy generously and discreetly, allowing breastfeeding mums to wear their usual tops, which can then just be lifted up to breastfeed... without exposing any postnatal tummy.

breastvestDesigned to be used with your nursing bra to give you support and cover for your postnatal tummy, breastvest sits underneath your breasts and has thin straps that don't get in the way of your nursing bra. So when it comes to feeding it's already sitting exactly where you - and your baby need it to be!

It's also slightly longer than an average vest and through great design and clever fabrics; you'll be able to wear it in pregnancy to give yourself another layer if you find that usual tops start riding up over your bump!

Another great thing about the breastvest is there's no need to fiddle about with clasps or straps when it comes to feeding time. You simply unhook your nursing bra and feed as normal. It's really comfortable to wear all day, and doesn't get in the way of undoing your nursing bra.

Created, designed, tested and approved by breastfeeding mums, breastvest was born out of frustration with boring, expensive breastfeeding tops, stretched necklines, and a deep-rooted fear of exposing those postnatal tummies!

Available in a full range of colours and sizes breastvest is available from and independent UK stockists. RRP £15.00.