Press Release: Breastfeed​ing Cafe - with Emma and Anna Cannon

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Emma Cannon's Chelsea-based practise provides Midwife-led breastfeeding support and care..

Emma Cannon Also available are Emma’s recipes for helping to improve breast milk production and advice for patients on which foods to include and what to avoid. Did you know that Aduki beans are amazing for nourishing the mother post natally and for increasing breast milk.  Emma says “We encourage our patients to rest well for an entire month following childbirth, it is so important that the body keeps warm and returns back to normal function. Walking around super markets with cold fridges pumping out cold air is a disaster to the energy of a new mother”.

Mother Warming is a treatment we offer following childbirth to help deeply warm the mothers energy by using a herb called moxibustion burnt over certain acupuncture points. This is a very restorative treatment which helps lift the mothers mood and energy.

An Italian study has found that acupuncture can support women in maintaining breastfeeding for longer.  90 women randomly received two interventions- acupuncture treatment or observation.  Acupuncture sessions were performed twice a week for three weeks. In 2010, the National childbirth Trust published a survey into how new mothers feel about the postnatal care given here in the UK. Only 41 per cent of women in the survey felt they received the emotional care they needed in the first twenty four hours after birth. 
From her clinic in Chelsea Expert Emma Cannon says the post-natal time can be a particularly vulnerable time in which the mother is so often overlooked as all the attention goes to the baby. But our approach is that you need to “nourish the mother to nourish the child” and our treatment and advice come from this starting point.

Emma Cannon offers full post natal support at her Chelsea and Harley Street practices, with specialist treatments and advice on offer.  Emma uses acupuncture, which can help with insufficient milk supplies, engorged breast and even help with mastitis. 

Anna Cannon is a midwife and lactation consultant offering advice at the clinics on how to get started with breast-feeding and how to make a success of it. Anna also has experience in treating tongue-tied babies.
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