Press Release: New Content&Calm Cot Canopy

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At last!  Protect your baby's sleep routine by turning day into night...
wherever you are...

 ContentandCalm Cot Canopy

For Immediate Release: Many parents know how disruptive travelling can be to a baby's sleep routine and are all too familiar with the way a sun-filled hotel room can trigger a 5am wake-up call!    Such weary parents will therefore welcome the launch of the innovative Content&Calm Cot Canopy.  This unique product is especially designed to help parents maintain their baby's routine by creating a darkened environment in which baby can sleep peacefully - wherever, whenever.


The Content&CalmTM Cot CanopyTM is a lightweight portable canopy that fits over all standard cots and travel cots allowing your baby or toddler to sleep, even when the lights are on, or the sun is streaming through the window.


Perfect for holidays, weekends away, camping, room sharing with siblings or parents, at the child minder's, at nursery...


The clever design allows you to adapt the level of darkness to whatever suits you and your baby best. There's an inside layer of darkened mesh that even uncovered provides a good level of darkness and doubles up as a brilliant mosquito net. The unique fabric outer layer is lightweight and breathable and provides additional darkness if needed.


Child's play to assemble, in just three simple steps, the canopy attaches to the top of the cot or travel cot and you take your baby in and out in the usual way. 


Designed with travel in mind, it packs up simply into its neat little carry bag and off you go. Vicki Scott RM, qualified midwife, maternity consultant and leading baby wellbeing advisor comments:   "The Cot Canopy is brilliant in that it helps parents to maintain consistency and routine, which is really what bringing up a healthy and happy child is all about."


The Cot Canopy is perfect for....

  • Taking the stress out of visiting friends or relatives - you can have your baby in a cot in the same room as you or a sibling, without having to worry about blackout or having to feel your way around the room in the dark! Even when blackout blinds are available, it means the whole room has to be in darkness when it's only the baby that needs to sleep. With the Cot Canopy your baby enjoys their own personal darkened environment, those around them can have the lights on or the curtains open.
  • A new baby sharing a room with a brother, sister or parents.
  • When you go back to work and are worried about your baby keeping their lunchtime sleep at the child minder's, a relative's or nursery.
  • Holidays - whether you're camping or your baby is in a hotel room with you or with a babysitter or in a crèche ...(and because no one needs a 5 am wake up call on holiday...!)


 The Content&CalmTM Cot Canopy, RRP £129.99 is available now from,, and all good independent retailers. 

For local stockists call 01823 323363 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it