Press Release: Top tips for Pregnancy travel this summer

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Top tips for pregnancy travel this summer by natural fertility and pregnancy expert and author Emma Cannon

Emma Cannon

Summer holidays should be a time of ultimate rest and relaxation if you're expecting a baby. However pregnancy travel can sometimes cause a few jitters especially if you're pregnant for the first time.

So with this in mind natural Fertility and Pregnancy expert and author Emma Cannon has put together her top tips for ensuring you have a happy and healthy holiday.
Emma's new book 'You and Your Bump' will be available on 3rd June published by Rodale. Sophie Dahl has quoted for her new book and says 'I love Emma Cannon'. 

1. Avoid the junk food in the airport terminal: Instead, eat light and drink water to prepare the body.
2. Pack snacks in your hand luggage to take on the plane such as fruit and mixed nuts or seeds.
3. Fresh varied fruit provides the body with antioxidants, a key group of nutrients used to protect us at a cellular level from damage associated with travelling at high altitude and from excess UV exposure.
4. Fresh fruit also has a natural water content as well as fibre to reduce the experience of pregnancy constipation, exacerbated by long haul travelling. Take Probiotics (min.2 billion CFU) to enhance digestive function.
5. Flying when pregnant is safest between 14-28 weeks although many women fly outside of the times perfectly safely. Check with your airline before booking.
6. High risk women, those who have previously miscarried or those with blood clotting disorders may want to avoid flying outside of these weeks. Some women are prescribed asprin to thin the blood.
7. It is important to keep moving on flights, regular walks around the plane, rotating ankles and wearing support stockings are all helpful to prevent deep vein thrombosis.
8. Use suitcases with wheels, and be careful not to twist as you pull them along. If you have to lift your suitcase, look for someone kind to help you particularly if lifting into overhead lockers.
9. During the journey eat light: flying is a stress on the body and this slows down digestion. Remember my mantra "Diet is important but digestion is everything".
10. Avoid foods heavy in salt: salted peanuts, crisps can adversely affect already heightened blood pressure as a result of flying.
11. Avoid caffeine: which is far to Yang in energy and will dry your body fluids. Avoid fizzy drinks which lead to bloating.
12. On holiday never sit around in a wet bikini or swimming costume it increased your risk of bladder infections and other urinary problems. Change into a dry outfit after swimming.
13. Try not to lie directly in the sun and make sure your head is in the shade.
14. Avoid food from a buffet which may have been sitting around for a while.
15. Don't drink ice in drinks as you can not be sure of the water they are made with.
16. Lying on sun beds in the latter stages of pregnancy is not easy nor comfortable. Set your bed up, by lying it flat with plenty of cushion support and being on your side, much like your sleeping position. Getting up and down by pushing up from side lying is ideal.
17. Use ginger and sea sickness bands to prevent travel and morning sickness. Ginger is only suitable for cold type sickness (for more on this see You and Your Bump)
18. Make sure you remember to rest as well, half an hour in the afternoon will give you energy to stay up a little later and enjoy the holiday.
19. In terms of mosquito bites prevention is better than cure so keep well covered up and use a natural insect repellant.
20. Remember not too much heat, not too much cold, don't do too much or rest too much - keep it all in balance.

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