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Drumond Park Pumpazing Game

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PRODUCT: Drumond Park Pumpazing Game ( )Drumond Park Pumpazing

DESCRIPTION: A 2-4 player activity game for young children, where players must take turns to pump 'Zingy' to launch his Zingers without losing a life! Contains 1 x Zingy character unit, 4 x Zinger heads, 12 x Zingy cards and instructions. Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included). Suitable for children aged 3 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: Pumpazing is a brilliant new action game from Drumond Park with a uniquely simple yet effective design that preschool children will love.

As its name suggests, Pumpazing is a pump-action activity game consisting of 'Zingy', a blue monster-shaped plastic unit, complete with funny face, stand-alone feet, and two extendible plastic green arms which have handles for hands.

Prior to play, batteries need to be inserted into the compartment on the back of Zingy (a screwdriver will be required for this) and four colourful funny-faced 'Zinger' heads need to be loaded into the holes on top - these should click securely into position when pushed down. Dependant on the number of players in the game, a specified quantity of blue Zingy cards must also be dealt out to each player - these are simply identical blue cards with Zingy's face on one side.

With the power switched on (also located on the back of the unit) and the unit reset (by pushing down on Zingy's right ear!), players take turns to hold Zingy's hands and pump his arms in and out as quickly as possible until one of the Zinger heads flies off. Note that this pumping action is very easy even for the youngest players to master. 

If, when one of the Zingers flies off Zingy makes a fun 'zing' or 'boing' sound then play passes straight to the next player who then repeats the process, but if Zingy makes an 'uh-oh' noise, the player in question must give up one of his Zinger cards. Play continues (i.e. by reloading and resetting Zingy) until only one player has any Zinger cards left - this player is declared the winner! 

In our opinion, Pumpazing is a really funny and energising little pass-the-parcel style game which is great for getting preschoolers burning off a little energy! Makes a perfect idea for birthday parties or gifts.

BAD POINTS: Batteries are not included with the game and must be purchased separately, although rechargeable batteries can be used.

PRICE: £19.99


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