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Ravensburger Augmented Reality Underwater Realm Jigsaw Puzzle

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PRODUCT: Ravensburger Augmented Reality Underwater Realm Jigsaw Puzzle ( )Ravensburger AR Puzzle

DESCRIPTION: A 1000-piece puzzle with an underwater coral reef theme, which comes to life through use of an iPhone/iPad free app. Puzzle features Ravensburger's Premium Puzzle Softclick Technology. Puzzle measures 70cm x 50cm. Other Augmented Reality (AR) puzzles in the range include Animals of Africa, Above the Roofs of Paris, and Lofoten Norway. Suitable for children aged 14 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: Every child loves a puzzle, and this new collection of Augmented Reality jigsaws from Ravensburger have something a little special to add to the fun!

The Underwater Realm Jigsaw is just one of the impressive puzzles in this range, and depicts a beautifully illustrated scene (by British artist David Penfold) of a busy underwater coral reef, with a wonderfully detailed array of fish and plant life, and brilliant use of bright vibrant colours.

The puzzle comes in one thousand small interlocking pieces, precision-cut from good quality cardboard, and provides a decent challenge to older children in terms of both size and quantity. Usefully a separate A4 sized colour print of the jigsaw scene is provided so that your child can see what they are working towards.

Ravensburger AR PuzzleNot only is the jigsaw great fun to piece together, but once complete, the augmented reality feature of the puzzle can then be used to bring the scene to life! All you need for this is an iPhone (3GS, 4 or 4S) or iPad 2, and the free App 'AR Puzzle' which can be directly loaded from the AppStore.

With the App open, use the camera function on the phone and direct the camera at the puzzle from a recommended distance of 75cm/30". Using amazing computer technology, the App recognises the puzzle - the fish and other underwater inhabitants will emerge and swim around, with brilliant visual animation and sound and instruction, allowing your child to join in an I-spy style game with accompanying countdown.

In all, we feel this is a really beautifully designed jigsaw that will certainly provide plenty of challenge to even the most experienced of puzzlers, and the Augmented Reality function adds a fun touch in an ever advancing digital world.

BAD POINTS: Although impressive, the Augmented Reality only provides a small amount of the entertainment (the main play being providing by completing the puzzle itself), and seems to be aimed more at younger children, who would not be able to complete the puzzle on their own.

PRICE: £12.99


Available from Amazon: Augmented Reality Underwater Realm Jigsaw


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