Street Surfing Whiplash Scooter

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PRODUCT:  Street Surfing Whiplash Scooter ( Surfing Whiplash

DESCRIPTION:  An adaption of the original Wave street surfer inline casterboard, which is part scooter and part Wave board. Features include rear caster wheel with ABEC 7 bearings, extra long folding handle with padded handlebar, Wave torsion self propelling technology, extra wide flexing deck, and reinforced, lightweight design. Dimensions are W35 x H9 x D5 inches, weight 10lbs. Suitable for use by children aged 7 years upwards, weighing up to 250lbs (115kg). Available in red/black design.

ASSEMBLY:  The Whiplash comes in two parts on purchase. A small amount of assembly is required prior to use, whereby the front handlebar column needs to be attached to the deck using the four screws (and Allen wrench) provided. Assembly instructions are provided with diagrams, along with instructions on setting up the Whiplash ready for use. This requires pushing the steering column into the steer tube and securing it using the quick-release collar clamp, inserting the bungee-tethered handlebars into the T-tube, adjusting the height of the handlebars using the steering tube quick-release lever, and checking the correct tension of the quick-release clamping mechanism.

GOOD POINTS:  The Whiplash Scooter is most definitely a ride with a difference and once mastered, is more than a little addictive! Aimed at older children, it is an adaptation of the original Wave street surfing board and combines surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding all in one product.

Street Surfing WhiplashThe Whiplash consists of a handlebar column which is attached to a durable but lightweight ABS plastic board. The board is split into two panels that are connected by a steel torsion bar, which is in essence a very strong spring that allows you to twist and flex the front and rear panels in order to move. Using a technique similar to surfing, swinging your shoulders, hips and rear foot back and forth in opposite directions helps to steer and weave the board, at the same time propelling yourself forwards without needing to put a foot on the ground to push yourself along. For example, pushing on the left rear deck twists you left and visa versa, and moving your feet the opposite way on the panels enable you to make small confined turns. Alternatively the Whiplash can, if preferred, also be used like any traditional scooter.

The board has a single wheel front and back so balance and stability are important (for this reason this product is not recommended for children under 7 years of age). The front wheel is large, while the rear caster wheel has ABEC 7 bearings for optimal speed and performance. The handlebar height is easily adjustable to cater for all ages and sizes, and padded grips on the handles provide a comfortable ride.

An additional great feature of the Whiplash is that it folds down compactly for easy storage and transportation - the handlebar column folds back over the deck, and the handlebar ends are detachable (via spring-release buttons) and clip in place against the column.

In our opinion, the Whiplash Scooter is fantastic fun - this is not to say it is an instantly easy task to master for beginners, but the technique can be quickly picked up with practice, and the website is full of helpful information to get you started! Furthermore, it is perfect for encouraging your children to spend time outdoors, as well as improving their balance and core muscles...just remember to ensure they are wearing a safety helmet and body pads!

BAD POINTS:  Is quite expensive, but is durable and good quality. May take a while to get used to how to work it, and there is no brake! The small rear wheel does not respond well to very rough surfaces. The plastic clips which hold the handlebar ends to the column are quite flimsy and may brake with repeated use.

PRICE:  Approx. £79.99


Available from Amazon and Argos


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