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Dreamgenii® Twinkle Tog

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PRODUCT: Dreamgenii® Twinkle Tog ( Twinkle Tog

DESCRIPTION: A wearable quilted bedtime garment for toddlers which is an alternative to a children's sleeping bag. Comes in a choice of six designs (Circus Spot, Sweet Sheep, Blue Dots, Twinkle Star Blue, Pink Dots, Twinkle Star Pink), and is available in two sizes, 1-2yrs and 2-3 yrs in either summer or winter tog weights (1 tog and 2.5 tog).

GOOD POINTS: The Dreamgenii® Twinkle Tog is an innovative new bedtime alternative to children's blankets, sheets and sleeping bags, which has several benefits over traditional bedding.

It is a wearable, quilted all-in-one garment, which is made from cotton and polyester and has a beautifully soft and cosy jersey lining. It comes in three fun and attractive designs which will appeal to parents and toddlers alike, and is easy to clean. The Twinkle Tog is designed to be worn over nightclothes, and comes in two tog weights to suit different seasons, eliminating the need for any additional bedding to be used. The nightwear will need to be adjusted to accommodate the temperature of your child's room, and the packaging comes with a useful clothing and temperature guide.

Dreamgenii Twinkle Tog The advantages of this great product are numerous: your toddler is confined within the Twinkle Tog which helps to keep them at a consistent comfortable temperature throughout the night. They are therefore less likely to wake during sleeps, as they have the freedom of unrestricted movement without the problem of kicking the covers off.

From a security point of view, the bag prevents your child from slipping under the covers, or getting the covers caught around their face, although it is important to ensure prior to use that your child's head cannot pass through the neck hole once the Twinkle Tog is fastened.

The Twinkle Tog is accessed via a zip down the front of the garment which fastens from top to bottom, with an additional Velcro fastening near the crotch to keep your child snug and prevent them from easily undoing the garment themselves.

The Twinkle Tog is also ideal for use when traveling in the car or pushchair at night, as your child can simply be unstrapped from their seat and transferred to their beds without any unnecessary disturbance.

In our opinion, this is a unique but very simply designed bedtime product, which works effectively to allow your child a restful and undisturbed night's sleep.


BAD POINTS:  It is likely that you will need to buy more than one of each size to cater for bedtime accidents and also differing seasons. The Twinkle Tog does not cover the feet, and so socks may still need to be worn in colder conditions. The designs make them more appealing to girls than boys.

PRICE:  £29.99



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