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Grobag Baby Sleeping Bag

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PRODUCT: Grobag Baby Sleeping Bag ( baby sleeping bag

DESCRIPTION: An armless sleeping bag available in three tog measurements and a range of sizes. The bags are fastened using a selection of shoulder and underarm poppers, side and base zips, or front zips.

Available sizes: 0-6 months (76cm in length), 6-18 months (94cm), 18-36 months (112cm), and 3-6 yrs (128cm).

Available togs: 2.5 tog for standard nursery temperatures of 16-20°C (61-69°F), 1.0 tog for warmer weather and in nurseries of 20-24°C (69-73°F), and 0.5 tog for hot weather and warm nurseries of 24-27°C (73-80°F).

GOOD POINTS:The bags look and feel very comfortable and all have a cotton lining.Your baby is confined within the bag which helps to keep them at a consistent comfortable temperature throughout the night, therefore they are less likely to wake during sleeps as there are no covers or sheets to kick off. From a security point of view, the bag prevents your child from slipping under the covers, or getting the covers caught around their face, and also makes it more difficult for your child to climb within or out of the cot as they get older.

The bags come in a range of sizes and tog ratings to suit your children, and there are a selection of colours and patterns to choose from which are all very appealing. A thermometer is included with the bag which is ideal for hanging up in your nursery, along with some useful advice on appropriate bedtime clothing dependant on tog and temperature.

There are some nice design features including chin guards at the top of the front zips to prevent rubbing, and a zip-click on the18-36 month bags, which helps prevent your child from opening the zip themselves. Some also have a Velcro slit in the back and a two-way zip in the front to allow them to be worn in a buggy or car seat. This also allows baby to be easy transferred from one place to another while sleeping. All Grobag sleeping bags are washable at 40°C and can be tumble dried, although they are all very lightweight and take little time to dry normally.

In our opinion, these are an excellent choice of sleeping bag.

BAD POINTS: It is recommended that your baby must weigh at least 7lbs before they can be placed in one of these bags so not suitable for babies small at birth. They are quite expensive to buy and you are likely to need more than one to cater for bedtime accidents and differing seasons. If your child is long or going through a number of growth spurts you may find they outgrow them fairly quickly.

PRICE: Anywhere between approx. £21 - £31

Available from Amazon, Boots and Mothercare 

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