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Hippychick Bumpsters Individual Cot Bar Bumpers

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PRODUCT:  Hippychick Bumpsters Individual Cot Bar Bumpers ( Bumpsters

DESCRIPTION:  A range of padded cotton bumpers with Velcro fastenings, which wrap individually around cot bars to protect baby from accidental bangs and bumps. Available in pink, blue or stone designs, in two different sizes:

Small:  To fit cots with poles/bars measuring 2cm and narrower OR cot bars wider than 2cm. Height 21cm. Available in packs of 8.

Large:  To fit cots with bars measuring 2cm - 4cm. Height 21cm. Available in packs of 6.

GOOD POINTS:  The Bumpsters are a very simple and ingenious solution to a common bedtime problem for parents of young babies and toddlers, and are a great alternative to cot bumpers.

As young children become more active and mobile at night, many will wake themselves up by accidentally banging their head or other body part on the hard bars of their cot as they move around in their sleep. The Bumpsters however offer a more comfortable sleeping environment for your baby by providing a soft barrier to cushion their movements.

Hippychick BumpstersThe Bumpsters are individual bumpers, or small rectangular-shaped strips of soft cotton material, each well padded with fire retardant poly wadding, and each with a hook and loop fastener to enable the bumper to be wrapped around individual cot bars. The benefits of these individual bumpers are numerous: they can be positioned around the exact bars of choice to cater for the age and size of your child (either singly or stacked); they are adjustable to allow them to fit snuggly around different sizes of cot bar; they are incredibly quick and easy to fit and remove with no fiddly ties involved; they crumple under pressure to prevent children from attempting to climb out of the cot; and importantly, they enable air circulation around the bars to be sustained (traditional cot bumpers stretch around the sides of the cot and cover the bars completely).

The Bumpsters come in a lovely choice of colours to suit your chosen scheme, and Hippychick Bumpsterseach set has three attractive patterns in dots and stripes. They are machine washable (on a cool cycle), and come in small or large sizes which can be fitted around one or two poles/bars at a time dependent on your style of cot (full details on the correct size for you are given on the Hippychicks website). In addition, the Bumpsters are light and portable, so are ideal for packing and taking away on holiday.

In our opinion, the Bumpsters are ultra soft, safe and versatile, and are a very effective solution to baby 'bumps in the night'. They make a wonderfully stylish decorative addition to your nursery, and allow a more restful and undisturbed night's sleep for both baby and parent.

BAD POINTS:  Quite expensive, as one pack does not contain enough bumpers to cover all bars on a cot, and so you may need to purchase more than one pack dependent on your child's needs.

PRICE:  Approx. £30 per pack


Available from Amazon and Boots


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