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OXO Candela Double Tooli Nightlights

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PRODUCT: OXO Candela Double Tooli Nightlights ( Candela Tooli Nightlights

DESCRIPTION: A double set of safe portable nightlights for young children, which are rechargeable and come with a 'Safe-Charge' charging tray and mains power cable, and instructions. Available in three colour combinations: blue/green, orange/fuchsia or red/purple. Each nightlight measures approx. 6cm x 16cm. Not recommended for use by children under 6 years old.

GOOD POINTS: The OXO Candela Tooli Nightlights are a really fun and attractive pair of bedtime lamps for babies and young children, which come in a range of bright funky colour combinations to suit all.

The nightlights are designed to be portable, and are a great size for small (and large) hands, with a contemporary design and cute 'ears' on top which make them easy to pick up and carry! Each lamp contains a rechargeable battery, and is made from a special impact-resistant plastic which is durable and, most importantly, cool to the touch at all times, making the lights safe for young children to hold and handle.

OXO Candela Tooli NightlightsThe range of pretty LED light colours emit a really warm, gentle and cosy glow, making the lights perfect for placing in bedrooms and on landings to provide a comforting bedtime light, as well as for creating a soothing environment for mum and baby during night time feeds. In addition, the lamps make great reassuring companions for young children to take on late night trips to the bathroom, and also for using to light up home made dens, hide-outs and tents, both indoors and out!

The lamps come with a neat little plug-in Safe-Charge base, which is also completely safe as it has no exposed electrical contacts that could potentially cause a fire or be fiddled with by enquiring young hands. In addition, its double design enables both lamps to be recharged at the same time. The lights automatically switch off once they are placed in the base for charging. Once fully charged, the lights immediately illuminate as soon as they are lifted off, and have a runtime of around eight hours. In the event of a power cut, the lights turn on, and each lamp also has an independent on/off button on its underside.

The Tooli Nightlights are, in our opinion, a very cute, colourful and effective set of rechargeable lights, which are cost-OXO Candela Tooli Nightlightsefficient by eliminating the need to keep replacing batteries and bulbs, and also make the perfect fun night time addition for any family household.

BAD POINTS: The lamps are expensive and you cannot get replacement rechargeable batteries for them. You need to remember to charge the nightlight on the base during the day, otherwise they will not recharge in time for night use.

PRICE: Approx. £49.99


Available from Amazon: OXO Candela Tooli Nightlights



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