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PurFlo SleepSystem Mattress

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PRODUCT: PurFlo SleepSystem Mattress ( Mattress

DESCRIPTION: A unique washable cot mattress consisting of a breathable polyester SleepSurface with an anti-allergenic outer valance, fitted over a hollow frame. Available for cots (120cm x 60cm) and cot beds (140cm x 70cm). The mattress is 15cm deep.

ASSEMBLY: The mattress has several components which require assembly prior to use, however this is simple using the easy-to follow instructions provided. The frame first needs to be erected by simply slotting the poles into the corner mouldings and mattress supports. The frame then slides snugly inside the fabric/mesh padded cover and secures using a system of strap and Velcro fastenings.

GOOD POINTS: The PurFlo Mattress is a revolutionary new design of mattress which not only provides your child with a comfortable night's sleep but also offers some defence against some of the identified PurFlo Mattressrisks of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

The mattress is totally foam free, and consists of a hollow lightweight frame, which sits inside a unique SleepSurface mattress cover that is 100% washable and is designed to reduce your child's exposure to allergens.

The SleepSurface is made from a fully breathable polyester fabric which is meshed to prevent pooling and rebreathing of Carbon Dioxide; that is, the mesh prevents your child from re-inhaling their gases and fluids by allowing them to pass right through the mattress. The cover also has an outer valance which contains Amicor pure, a fibre which prevents the colonisation of household dust mites (HDM), bacteria and fungi.

Added to this, the soft air-permeable surface allows air to circulate freely around your baby, which is ideal for newborn babies as it helps your child to regulate their body temperature whilst asleep, and therefore reduces the risk of overheating. In addition, the mattress tension is fully adjustable; a reduced tension helps to keep your baby lying on their back, while a higher tension creates a firmer mattress for growing children. Whatever tension is chosen, the mattress provides great support for your child's head, back and legs.

The PurFlo Mattress does not necessarily require a sheet, although this will almost certainly create a more comfortable surface for your baby to sleep on (fitted and flat sheets must be purchased separately). The mattress comes in two sizes to fit either cots or cot beds, and is designed to hold a maximum weight of 30kg which will easily last your child for a good number of years. It is also fairly quick and easy to construct and disassemble as required, which makes it suitable for taking away on overnight trips and holidays.

In our opinion, the PurFlo Mattress is a fantastic product, which is innovative and technologically advanced to provide not only piece of mind to parents, but also a very safe and comfortable environment for babies and young children. Importantly, its dust-mite free design is extremely beneficial to reducing common but distressing childhood allergies such as asthma and eczema. A definite must-have for any newborn!

BAD POINTS: The PurFlo Mattress is more costly than many of the conventional mattresses, however it certainly provides piece of mind and good quality for money. PurFlo fitted sheets must be purchased separately and are also expensive. If you intend to use it as a 'travel' mattress, no bag is provided to store the components for transportation.

PRICE: £109.99 (PurFlow Cot Mattress); £129.99 (PurFlo Cot Bed Mattress)


Available from Amazon and Boots


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