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Sleepyhead Weighted Baby Blanket

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PRODUCT: Sleepyhead Weighted Baby Blanket (Sleepyhead Weighted Baby

DESCRIPTION: A white baby blanket containing non-toxic enclosed weights, designed to aid sleep and help settle restless babies. Size is 43 x 55cm, weight is approximately 500g. Suitable for babies from birth up to around 9 months.

GOOD POINTS: The Sleepyhead Weighted Blanket is an ingenious product, which is designed to provide young babies with a feeling of containment and security to help them drift off to sleep.

The blanket is made of two parts. The inner blanket consists of a series of evenly distributed small pockets, each containing tiny inert weights which are non-toxic, non-smelling and free from seeds.

Sleepyhead Weighted Baby BlanketThe subtle weight of the blanket applies a gentle pressure on baby's body, which makes them feel like they are being cuddled and acts as a sensory sleep aid. The 'Back to Sleep' campaign recommends that babies lie on their backs, and so the blanket is ideal for use with restless babies and those who do not like being put down.

The outer blanket is essentially a cover for the inner blanket, and is made from soft natural cotton, with the Sleepyhead motif in the bottom right corner of the cover. This outer cover ensures that baby does not chew directly on the inner blanket, and a Velcro tab opening at the top of the outer cover allows access to the inner blanket for cleaning, whilst ensuring that baby cannot pull the blanket out of its cover. The inner blanket is hand-washable, while the outer blanket is machine-washable.

A further great feature of the bedding is that it can be warmed or cooled as required. On colder days, the blanket can be warmed to body temperature by placing it between the parent and the baby, for example during feeding, prior to putting them down to sleep. On warmer days, the blanket can be placed in a plastic bag and stored in the freezer until cool.

In our opinion, this is an original blanket with some clever properties, which effectively help to provide a calming and comforting environment for your baby (and you!) to enjoy restful sleep!

BAD POINTS: The inner blanket can only be hand-washed in cold water, and cannot be tumble dried. The blanket is not that large and may therefore have limited use with bigger or taller babies. It does not have a tog rating. It can still be kicked off fairly easily by wriggly babies.

PRICE: £20


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