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Dr Brown's Deluxe Bottle Warmer

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PRODUCT: Dr Brown's Deluxe Bottle Warmer ( Brown's Bottle Warmer

DESCRIPTION: An electric steam warmer which is filled with water and used to heat baby bottles and food jars. Features include a user programmable warming cycle, cycle memory, LCD control panel and one-button operation. Includes 1 x hinged lid, 1 x housing unit, 1 x removable water reservoir, 1 x LCD control panel, 1 x removable basket, 1 x reversible riser and instructions booklet.

GOOD POINTS: The Dr Brown's Deluxe Bottle Warmer is a reliable and effective electric warming system which has some great design features to make heating baby milk or food a safe, quick and easy process for parents.

The warmer certainly has a very neat, modern appearance, and the main heating chamber is tall and wide to enable it to hold any Dr Brown's Natural Flow Bottles, as well as many other bottle brands and even jars or containers of food.

The appliance is electric and works via steam heating. It is simple to set up, and involves filling a Dr Browns Bottle Warmerremovable plastic reservoir with water, which then snaps back into position on the side of the warmer and automatically fills the heating chamber. What's more, the water chamber does not need to be emptied and refilled before every use, and should last between 6-12 warming cycles before more water needs to be added to the appliance. The water level can however be monitored through the translucent design of the water reservoir.

A removable basket sits inside the warming chamber and has an adjustable and reversible bottom section (riser), which can be raised, lowered or even turned upside down to accommodate different sized bottles, food jars or containers. This ensures they are easy to remove following heating. Furthermore, the warmer can even be used as a steriliser for small baby items and dummies.

Another great feature of this electric bottle warmer is its front control panel, consisting of a 4-button digital keypad and small display screen, which can not only be used to power the appliance but also to programme warming cycles. In other words, the appliance enables the user to determine the most appropriate heating time based on a combination of the starting temperature of the formula/food and the specific size of the baby bottle/food jar - the instructions booklet has some very useful temperature charts to provide some rough heating estimates (although these should be used as a starting point only). Once the correct heating time has been established, it will be stored in the appliance's memory as 'last time used'. This allows for quicker bottle warming if you use similar sized bottles throughout the day, as all you need to do is simply press the start button to activate the previous warming other words, a one-touch start function which is particularly great for minimising hassle during middle-of-the-night feeds.

The LCD timer counts down during the heating cycle, and once the cycle has finished, the display screen will flash, followed by five beeps which indicate that the bottle or food is ready to remove (based on the cycle time you have selected). The display has a handy backlight which enables the screen to be easily seen and operated at night time.

The warmer has some great safety features. A sturdy hinged lid (which needs to be clipped on prior to initial use) helps to keep the steam enclosed during the warming process to ensure quick and safe heating, and can simply be flipped open as required. Four padded feet on the bottom of the appliance provide stability as well as protecting surfaces from scratches, and the plug cord can be conveniently and safely wrapped round and stored on the underside of the unit. In addition, if you need to heat a second bottle immediately after the first, then the appliance will automatically reduce the time of the cycle (unless you reprogramme it) in order to ensure that the contents is not overheated. The appliance will also automatically power off if not used after 10 minutes, and an internal sensor will automatically shut the unit off if it overheats or runs out of water.

The removable basket with riser can be cleaned in the dishwasher, and it is recommended that the appliance is descaled every month or so (instructions for this are also provided in the accompanying booklet).

In our opinion, this is a really safe, well designed and versatile electric warmer than makes life a lot easier in the early months (and mornings!) following the arrival of your little one.

BAD POINTS: None, other than if you live in an area with hard water then you will need to de-scale on a more regular basis (although this is easy to do).

PRICE: £44 


Available from Amazon and Boots 


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