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Dr Brown's Deluxe Electric Steam Steriliser

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PRODUCT: Dr Brown's Deluxe Electric Steam Steriliser ( Browns Steriliser

DESCRIPTION: An electric steam steriliser for sterilisation of baby bottles, breast pumps, and other baby accessories. Fits 6 feeding bottles at a time. Consists of a main sterilising unit with heating chamber, hinged top cover and main cover, removable divider, removable basket, cord and plug, bottle tongs, measuring jug and instructions manual.

GOOD POINTS: The Deluxe Electric Steam Steriliser is the latest product from the Dr Brown's range, and is a fast and effective way for busy parents to sterilise infant feeding bottles and accessories.

This electric steriliser is blue and white in colour, and the main sterilising unit is a decent size for fitting up to six large baby bottles at a time (including most major bottle brands). The steriliser is incredibly easy to use, and works by simply pouring a pre-measured amount of cold water into the bottom of the unit, filling the accompanying baskets with items to sterilise, and then pressing the 'start' button on the front. The sterilisation cycle takes only twelve minutes to run, during which time the heating chamber inside the unit boils the water to produce steam, which kills off any microorganisms on the items to leave them clean and safe for use with young babies. The steriliser has an automatic shut-off when the cycle is complete, indicated by the power light going out. A detailed operational manual, complete with diagrams, is included with the product which gives step-by-step instructions on using the steriliser.

The steriliser has been well designed and contains two covers, the main cover and the top cover, both of which are hinged. The main cover gives access to the central part of the unit which contains a basket and divider (both of which can be removed for ease of use) into which the bottles and caps are arranged. The top cover gives access to a smaller area with a grate (to allow the steam to reach), onto which the remaining bottle components are loaded. The instructions manual usefully shows how to arrange both standard and wide-neck bottle components, however besides sterilising baby bottles, the unit can also be used for sterilising other suitable baby products including breast pumps, dummies and teethers etc.

Another great feature of the steriliser is that the accompanying water measurer and tongs which come with the product are stored in special inserts on either side of the main unit, perfect for quick and easy access when needed.

In our opinion, this Dr Brown's steriliser is great for new parents who need to sterilise a large number of bottles several times a day, and has a good functional design which makes it safe, easy and effective to use, giving parents much-needed piece of mind.

BAD POINTS: It is a fairly large unit, and as a result is bulky to pack if going away or on holiday. It cannot be pre-programmed and has a longer sterilisation cycle than some other sterilisers.

PRICE: £49.96


Available from Amazon: Dr Browns Deluxe Steam Steriliser


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