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Tommee Tippee Performance Plus+ 4 Bottle Microwave & Cold Water Steriliser

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PRODUCT: Tommee Tippee Performance Plus+ 4 Bottle Microwave & Cold Water Steriliser ( Tippee Performance Plus+ 4 Bottle Microwave & Cold Water Steriliser

DESCRIPTION: A steriliser which is suitable for both microwave steam sterilisation and cold water sterilisation. It consists of the main plastic sterilising unit with a hinged slide-lock lid, and contains two trays for stacking components. Included in the price are three wide-neck Tommee Tippee baby bottles (with Comfort Nuby teats), a bottle brush, tongs, and a few sterilising tablets.

ASSEMBLY: No assembly needed, and good instructions on how to operate. For steam sterilising, pour 200mls water into the base, load the components and microwave for the required time. For cold water sterilisation, fill with 5 litres of water, add a sterilising tablet, and leave components submerged for 30 minutes.

GOOD POINTS: The steriliser is really easy to use and takes as little as 5 minutes in a 750+ watt microwave (and only 4 minutes in a 1000+ watt microwave) – the contents will remain sterile for 3 hours if the unit is left unopened. Its versatility also as a cold water steriliser makes it ideal for taking away or as a back-up when a microwave is not available, and items will remain sterile in the solution for up to 24 hours.

In addition the steriliser is very compact which makes it easier to pack or store than other sterilisers. A bonus is that the hinged lid runs the condensation back into the steriliser when opened, rather than onto your work surface.

BAD POINTS: The steriliser only fits 4 wide-neck bottles at a time, which is not always convenient if your baby requires 6 bottles a day! The trays cannot easily be loaded outside of the steriliser, and it can be a little fiddly fitting in all the extra components if using other brands of bottle (e.g. Dr Brown). The steriliser can also be quite hot to transfer from the microwave, even after allowing a few minutes to cool.

PRICE: Best to shop around but can be picked up for around £15.

Available from Amazon: Tommee Tippee Performance Microwave & Cold Water Steriliser

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