Splash About FloatSuit

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PRODUCT: Splash About FloatSuit (www.splashabout.com Splash About Floatsuit

DESCRIPTION: An all-in-one nylon swimsuit with built-in floatation aid. Includes 16 removable floats. Suitable for boys and girls, with a wide choice of designs: Red & White Stripe, Navy & White Stripe, Pastel Pink Gingham print, Hot Mango Stripe, and Fantasy Fish print. Available in sizes 1-2 yrs (chest 51cm), 2-4 yrs (chest 56cm) and 4-6 yrs (chest 61cm). Conforms to European Standard, EN 13138-1: 2003.

GOOD POINTS: The Splash About FloatSuit is a unique little swimsuit with a difference which is designed for young children, whether they are just getting to grips with water or just learning to swim, and comes in a lovely range of colours, designs and sizes to ensure something to suit all boys and girls up to the age of six. 

Splash About Floatsuit

The FloatSuit is made from a stretchy nylon fabric which covers the torso, and has elasticated seams around the leg holes and shoulder straps to ensure a snug comfortable fit around the neck and legs.

The unique feature of the suit is the 'ABS' Adjustable Buoyancy System, a series of sixteen floats secured in eight pockets located around the outside of the suit. These act as a really effective floatation aid for your child, giving them balance and increasing their confidence by enabling them full use of their arms and supporting their body as they practise their swimming moves.

Each of the external pockets holds two floats, accessed via an opening at one end which is elasticated to hold the floats securely in place. The suit is designed to cater fully to the individual needs of your child, whereby the floats can be removed gradually over time to reduce the level of buoyancy as your child become more accomplished andSplash About Floatsuit experienced in the water. The floats can also of course be quickly and easily added back into the pockets as required.

In our opinion, the Splash About FloatSuit is a brilliantly designed swimming suit for young children, which allows them to experiment with water and build their confidence and independence in a fun and safe way, without the need for separate armbands!

BAD POINTS: The suit can only be hand washed in cold water. Please also note that it is not a life jacket, and should in no way be used as a substitute for your usual levels of child supervision.

PRICE: £24.99


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