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GUMIGEM™ Heart Pendant Teething Necklace

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PRODUCT: GUMIGEM™ Heart Pendant Teething Necklace ( Heart Pendant

DESCRIPTION: A range of silicone heart shaped pendant necklaces designed for teething babies who chew, pull and tug on jewellery. The silcone is BPA, PVC, Lead, Latex and Phthalate free, and the heart pendants come in a range of colour mixes and designs. Each pendant is approx. 2" across.

GOOD POINTS: Any mum who loves wearing jewellery will know that necklaces and teething babies are not generally a good or suitable combination, to the point that either their favorite accessories ends up broken or damaged, or they forfeit wearing any jewellery at all while their children are young! GUMIGEM however have designed a fantastically simple but brilliant range of heart pendant teething necklaces that will provide a really great solution to the problem.

They are a uniquely designed range of pendants for mums (or indeed any child carers) to wear, which are made from a silicone, based on 'conventional' teethers, that can be safely chewed and chomped by young babies to relieve sore gums GUMIGEM Heart Pendantwithout damaging their mouth or teeth - note that the silicone meets FDA standards and is BPA, PVC, Lead, Latex and Phthalate free. This baby safe silicone will not break off or tear, and most indents will normally pop back out over the day. 

The pendants are a classic popular heart shape, and are a great size and shape for babies to hold and direct into their mouths. What's more, they come in a wide selection of colours and patterned designs to match mum's tastes and wardrobe. The mixed colour pendants are totally unique, meaning that no two mixes will be exactly the same.

The pendants hang off a long cord which mum can easily slip on and off one-handed over their head, and which is an ideal length for baby to reach and grab while they are being carried. In addition, the cord is durable enough to withstand a large amount of pulling and tugging by little hands, although the necklace does have a handy breakaway clasp on the back should the pressure get too much! This can simply be popped back together again should it come apart. GUMIGEM Heart Pendant

A further great feature of the pendant is that it is safe for use in both the steriliser and dishwasher.

In our opinion, the GUMIGEM heart pendant necklaces are simply fantastic. They are a wonderful intermediate (or long term) solution which enables mum to continue to accessorise her favorite outfits, while at the same time allowing her teething baby to safely chew away to their heart's content. Each necklace comes in a lovely little jewellery bag on purchase, and makes a fabulous gift to mum from family, friends or partners!

Lightening shaped pendants are also available.

BAD POINTS: None really, other than the silicone is not totally immune from damage due to teeth marks.

PRICE: £12.50


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