Worlds Apart Waybuloo Peeka Pod

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PRODUCT: Worlds Apart Waybuloo Peeka Pod ( Apart Waybuloo Peeka Pod

DESCRIPTION: A two in one pop-up play tent based on the Waybuloo series. Features include a door, shuttered windows, and an arched crawl-through tunnel. Dimensions are 90 x 82 x 82cm (tent) and 50 x 40 x 36cm (tunnel). Support rods and instructions are included. Suitable for children aged 12 months and above.

ASSEMBLY: The tent requires some very basic assembly prior to use, which is quick and easy to do using the instructions provided. The main tent base and tunnel pop open on release, and two support rods are provided (each in three parts) which simply need to be fed into the designated support columns on the outside of the tent to make it stand rigid. Small Velcro flaps fold over the ends of these support rods to hide them.

GOOD POINTS: The Waybuloo Peeka Pod is a wonderful little play tent designed for young children as young as twelve months old, and will appeal to all fans of the popular Waybuloo television series.

The Peeka Pod needs very little assembly prior to use (see above), and its clever pop-up design enables the main tent and tunnel to open instantly on release. The tent is just as easy to dismantle, and folds down compactly for easy storage.

The Peeka Pod has a good quality feel and is made from a thick polyester. It is in lovely yellow, orange and brown colours, and the outside is covered with familiar waybuloo characters and creatures. A small separate roof piece attaches to the top of the tent via ties, and a drop down door, which opens and closes via Velcro tabs, allows entry into the main tent area. The arched tunnel simply slides into the opening on the other side of the tent to create a small crawl-through passage. Both the tent and tunnel also have wonderful little peep through windows with Velcro opening shutters.

In our opinion, this is a well made little product which has some lovely attention to detail and provides some great adventure play, both indoors and out.

BAD POINTS: The tent does not have a base, and is very light so may be blown around the garden if used on a windy day. The tent is not waterproof so must be packed away after outdoor use. As with all tent material there is the risk of tears, particularly with child play.

PRICE: Approx. £25


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