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VTech Baby Sing Along Microphone

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PRODUCT: VTech Baby Sing Along Microphone ( Baby Sing Along Microphone

DESCRIPTION: A plastic orange microphone with sing along songs, animal noises and lights. Requires 3 x AAA batteries (included). Suitable for children aged 12 months upwards.

GOOD POINTS: For a small toy this VTech toy certainly has a lot packed into it, and is a great chunky size for small hands to hold and manage. It is full of bright colours and big buttons to attract even the youngest of children, while for older children it has a real amplified voice effect when your child sings into it.

The main handle of the microphone is orange with a blue base. A switch in the middle allows your child to choose between two modes, ‘singing’ or ‘play’, with an ‘off’ option in the middle. Above this is a ‘style’ button on one side, an ‘animal’ button on the other, and a red 1-2-3 ‘sung song’ button in the centre. There is also a blue puppy shaped button at the bottom, and a turning ring around the top of the microphone sporting a host of cartoon-style animal faces.

In the ‘play’ mode, the microphone will begin by automatically asking you to sing along to the music. The turning ring can be clicked round onto the desired animal picture, whereupon the animal’s name is pronounced, followed by a related animal sound effect and a melody. Pressing the ‘animal’ button on the side of the microphone while the melody is playing introduces the same animal sound effect over the music. When used on its own, the ‘animal’ button activates an animal noise, followed by a ‘listen to me sing’ phrase (all in an English spoken voice), and then one of twelve pleasant melodies (all listed in the User’s Manual), with the animal noise incorporated into the song, e.g. Baa Baa Black Sheep incorporates sheep sound effects.

Pushing the ‘style’ button plays various classical and rock-and-roll styles of music when used in conjunction with the turning ring, while the ‘puppy’ button plays one of three different melodies sung in ‘dog-style’! If the same button is pushed again while music is playing, alternate applause and giggling sounds are activated.

The ‘sung song’ button in the centre plays one of three short songs with lyrics (the lyrics are given in the User’s Manual’), and lights up when this or any of the other buttons are pressed.

In the ‘singing’ mode, the microphone will begin by automatically asking you to sing along to the music. The various buttons around the base play short tunes and melodies. Turning the dial around the top activates the different animal noises as depicted by the pictures, and the ‘puppy’ button sounds clapping and giggling noises.

This is an ideal toy for budding singers, with plenty of melodies and sing along tunes. It is excellent for promoting sensory stimulation and motor skills, and is great for developing self-awareness and building confidence. It is sturdy and durable, and is compact enough for your child to carry anywhere! The toy also cleverly powers down automatically to preserve battery life if it stays inactive for thirty seconds.

BAD POINTS: Several of the melodies may not be well known among children, and the toy is battery operated which means batteries may need to be changed frequently with heavy use, although rechargeable batteries can be used to save on cost.

PRICE: Approx. £9.99

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