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VTech Play and Learn Fun Fair

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PRODUCT: VTech Play and Learn Fun Fair (
Vtech Play and learn Funfair

DESCRIPTION: An amusement park-themed toy with music, lights, and sound effects. Comes with five balls, and 2 x AA batteries included. Suitable from 12 months upwards.

GOOD POINTS: This is a really great gift for your child with so much to keep them amused. It is a musical plastic toy with a funfair theme, which has colour recognition technology and comes with five ‘character’ balls with faces, all in different colours and sizes, and each representing a different mode.

The fair consists of a helter skelter and a ferris wheel. The helter skelter is a large twisty slide with a hole in the top and five coloured object buttons around the outside. At the base of the helter skelter are five piano keys in matching colours. Pushing a ball through the hole at the top sets off a different function based on its colour and size: the red ball has a song function, the orange ball has a shape function, the green ball has a colour function, the yellow ball has a silly sounds function, and the purple ball has a counting function. For example, when the song function is activated, each of the five object buttons plays a different tune, while the piano keys play the same tune but note by note. Lights flash in time to speech and music. The balls, once pushed through the hole, roll down the slide and round the path into the base of the toy. There is a yellow hatch on the base which releases the balls back out.

To the right of the helter skelter is the ferris wheel which has a turning wheel or joystick which your child must operate manually. There are three rotating seats for the balls to sit on, and they can be diverted from the helter skelter onto the ferris wheel by pulling out the animal gate halfway down the slide. When the ferris has turned full circle the balls then tip back onto the helter skelter slide and continue travelling down into the base. The star button in the middle of the ferris wheel activates various phrases or music dependent on the chosen mode.

The flashing lights, music and sounds are excellent for sensory stimulation. In addition, the toy is ideal for encouraging motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and cause and effect understanding, and for teaching letters, numbers, objects and colours. The toy thoughtfully has an on/off and volume control switch, and also an automatic shut-off function if the toy is inactive for a certain length of time. It is made from sturdy durable plastic, which is also ideal for wiping clean.

BAD POINTS: The only real drawback is the weight and size (approx. 12.5 x 6.5 x 12 inches) which makes it a little difficult for your child to move around without help. The balls can also be a little tough to post into the helter skelter hole.

PRICE: You may have to look around, but you can purchase one for approx. £10 - £15.

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