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WOW Toys Robin's Medical Rescue

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PRODUCT: WOW Toys Robin's Medical Rescue (formerly Mary's Medical Rescue) ( Toys Robins Medical Rescue

DESCRIPTION:A plastic friction-powered battery-free toy ambulance with flip-down ramp and wheelchair release, click-open side door, and working x-ray machine. Includes three play figures, a removable stretcher and push-along wheelchair. Suitable for children aged 18 months – 5 years.

GOOD POINTS: This really is a fantastic toy from the WOW range, and is packed full of features and accessories to keep your child fully entertained. The ambulance is very realistic in design and appearance, and is a great chucky size for young children to handle. Like all the WOW toys it is made from a good sturdy plastic and has a friction-powered engine, which means it can be easily pushed forwards and backwards, avoiding the need for any batteries!

The front of the ambulance has a seat well for the paramedic to slot into, and the use of stickers adds some fun detail around the seating area. The back of the ambulance has a side window and no roof, which easily allows your child to see and access the interior features and accessories.

There are some fantastic design features in the rear, including a stretcher which is removable and can be pulled out from its special resting place in the ambulance via a sliding side door which simply clicks across. The back of the ambulance flips down by pressing a small button on the outside of the vehicle, creating a ramp with striking yellow and black stripes. The playset includes a rolling wheelchair which can be transported in the ambulance on a platform by the back hatch. When the patient arrives at the hospital, the platform can be cleverly tilted upwards via a further button on the exterior of the vehicle, which releases the wheelchair down the ramp.

One of the great features of the ambulance is an x-ray machine, which is a spring-loaded platform which the figure stands on. As the figure is pushed down on the platform, the front panel reveals an x-ray image of the patient – great stuff!

There is so much wonderful attention to design with this playset. Both the wheelchair and stretcher have great detailing, and the patient play figures can be easily slotted in and out of either. The play figures themselves are also very realistic, with the paramedic in uniform, and one of the patients in a leg cast. Stickers throughout the back of the vehicle show diagrams of equipment, and there are moulded buttons and a first aid kit, and even a sink area with cupboards and a mirror.

The toy is very educational and excellent for promoting your child’s developmental skills - through eye-catching colours and sound effects, and chunky components which are designed to be easily manipulated and are ideal for promoting motor skills. The ambulance is perfect for role play and rescue adventures, and encourages plenty of imagination. The packaging is informative and has nice detail, with background scenes to match the toy.

In our opinion, this is an excellent and original playset which is lots of fun and provides long-lasting play, making it a great gift for any child.

BAD POINTS: No major negative points, other that the vehicle does not have a roof which increases the chance of losing pieces out of the top if being transported. Also the stickers may wear over time.

PRICE: Approx. £27.99

Available from Amazon: Robin's Medical Rescue

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