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WOW Toys Sammy Sea Patrol

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PRODUCT: WOW Toys Sammy Sea Patrol ( Toys Sammy Surf Patrol

DESCRIPTION: A plastic push-along yellow sea patrol car, with button operated pull-cord life ring, spinning watch tower and 2 x rescue play figures. Suitable for children aged 18 months upwards.

GOOD POINTS: Sammy Sea Patrol is another fantastic playset from WOW Toys that is perfect for plenty of beach rescue adventures.

The set consists of a free-wheel push-along sea patrol vehicle which is curved and chunky in shape to make it perfect for little hands to manoeuvre, and its durable plastic design makes it well geared to rough child's play! Two lifeguard play figures are included with the set - Cody and Summer - both kitted out in their beach/rescue gear with great detailing such as sunglasses, necklace, flip-flops and snorkel!

The patrol car is bright yellow in colour, and has four rolling wheels with large tread tyres for patrolling the sand. The drivers compartment is open to allow easy access of play figures into and out of the seat well. The attention to detail in the toy is fantastic as always, in particular the embossed steering wheel and also the sticker detailing either side of the front seat (e.g. sandwiches, sunglasses etc).

WOW Toys Sammy Surf PatrolThe roof of the vehicle has a further seat well which acts as a watch tower, and rotates to enable the lifeguards to be on the lookout in all directions. There is further sticker detailing here to enable the lifeguards to alert beach goers to danger via the loud speaker on the front of the roof, and also stickers around the sides of the vehicle displaying the various safety and rescue equipment.

A wonderful feature of the toy is its accompanying red and white striped life ring (the perfect size for fitting over WOW toys play figures), which is attached to the back of the patrol car by a pull cord and is operated via the blue light buttons on the top of the vehicle; pressing and holding the button enables the life ring to be extended out quickly to save swimmers in trouble, while pressing the button again winds the cord back in. In addition, a magnetic hook on the rear of the car enables extended play with other toys from the WOW Toys range.

The toy's vibrant colours and interactive features are ideal for stimulating young children's visual, auditory and tactile senses, as well as developing fine and gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination. In addition, the accompanying play figures encourage lots of imaginative, interactive and independent role-play. The packaging for Sammy Sea Patrol is fun with background scenes to match the toy, and the accompanying WOW Toys promotional leaflet includes a picture for your child to colour in. In all, a well-designed and long-lasting toy with great playability.

BAD POINTS: None, other than the sticker detailing may be worn off over time.

PRICE: £16.99

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