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Fisher-Price Dance Star Mickey

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PRODUCT: Fisher-Price Dance Star Mickey ( Star Mickey

DESCRIPTION: A musical Mickey Mouse toy which walks, talks, sings and dances to his own music, featuring 6 songs and 2 interactive games. Requires 6 x AA batteries (included). Stands approx. 16 inches tall. Suitable for children aged 2 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: If you're looking for a toy to get your kids strutting their stuff, then Dance Star Mickey may just be the answer!

It is a large animated Mickey Mouse toy which is likely to appeal most to toddlers and preschool children, and particularly those who are existing fans of the well known Disney character. The toy looks and sounds just like Mickey Mouse. It stands unaided and is mainly plastic, with Mickey's familiar smiling face and big ears covered in a soft plush fabric, and his body kitted out in funky red trousers, black 'Mickey' top and yellow shoes!

Mickey comes with batteries included which is a great bonus, and the battery compartments can be found on the underside of his feet (a Phillips screwdriver will be required for this), along with the on/off switch.

Fisher-Price Dance Star MickeyOn pressing Dance Star Mickey's left foot ('dance mode'), he will dance to a variety of music using different movements and routines for each. He has six dances in total which include Techno, Mambo, Moondance, 'Shake Your Groove Thing', 'Get Up Offa That Thing' and ''M' to the 'I''. His nodding head and articulated limbs, along with his wheeled shoes give Mickey great flexibility and mobility to walk, wave his hands and perform some fun dance moves, including the moonwalk! His mouth even opens and closes as he sings and talks.

Dance Star Mickey also has a 'game mode', which is activated by pressing his left hand and alternates between two activities. The first activity is 'Mickey says', whereby your child follows Mickey's moves (e.g. Mickey will turn around), but only when he says "Mickey says". The second activity is 'Freeze dance', where your child must dance along with Mickey, ready to freeze in place when he says "stop"!

If Mickey happens to fall over, he cleverly seems to know when he's lying down and will make comments such as "Can I get a little help?" until he is placed upright (he even thanks you!). In addition, he has a built-in prompt if he is not played with for more than twenty seconds, following which he will automatically shut off if no response is made.

Dance Star Mickey is, in our opinion, a very entertaining and fun interactive toy, which is easy for young children to operate. The toy is a fantastic way to engage your child with music and encourage them to get up and get active, and the constantly changing songs will keep them thoroughly entertained.

BAD POINTS: The toy is fairly expensive, heavy for young children to carry, and has no volume control option. It is battery operated, and the batteries will need replacing frequently with heavy use.

PRICE: Approx. £69.99 

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