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Little Tikes Count 'n Play Cash Register

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PRODUCT: Little Tikes Count 'n Play Cash Register ( Tikes Cash Register

DESCRIPTION: A plastic cash register that helps pre-school children learn to count, with pull down handle, coin slots, opening cash drawer and change dispenser. Includes 3 x orange coins, 3 x purple coins, 3 x yellow coins, 1 x toy credit card and 1 x bank note. Suitable for children aged 2 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: The Count 'n Play Cash Register from Little Tikes is a brilliantly made toy for preschoolers that is educational as well as great fun!

The cash register is chunky in design and made from a good quality plastic which feels durable enough to withstand the rigours of child's play. It is wonderfully bright and colourful to visually stimulate young children, and is packed full of interactive features to keep little hands busy.

The front of the cash register has three numbered coin holes of varying size and colour which correspond with nine plastic coins that are included with the toy (three of each size and colour). These coins are chunky and solid, with 'teeth' around the edges that enable them to be stacked like with like. The toy is great for practising matching and basic counting skills, as children must fit the colour, size and number of each coin to its correct hole and watch it drop down into the coin slot.

The toy also comes with a chunky plastic (pretend) credit card and a bank note, both of which can be swiped across the front of the cash register, at the same time releasing the coins so that they drop into a great little drawer at the bottom of the till. Pulling the red handle down on the side of the cash register automatically opens the drawer so that your child can retrieve the coins and start again. The drawer also has a slit in the front which is perfect for posting 'money' through (i.e. the bank note, credit card and yellow coins). 

Other great features of the toy include a large coin slot on the top of the cash register into which your child can drop coins and watch them roll round into a change dispenser, as well as a changing picture display 'screen' which can be rotated round by pushing it down to reveal a new combination of coins/notes for your child to find and match.

All aspects of this toy have been really well thought-out to provide masses of appeal and play value to preschool children. Not only is it great for stimulating the senses and hand-eye coordination, but is also beneficial in developing important numeracy and matching skills, as well as encouraging plenty of fun and imaginative role-play.

BAD POINTS: The push-down display may be difficult for young children to operate on their own. Only the yellow coins fit through the slit on the cash drawer.

PRICE: £14.99

Available from Amazon: Count 'n Play Cash Register

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