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Fisher-Price 'Imaginext' BigFoot the Monster

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PRODUCT: Fisher-Price 'Imaginext' BigFoot the Monster ( BigFoot

DESCRIPTION: A large interactive monster with foot-shaped wireless remote control to make him perform more than 80 actions and phrases. Includes plastic ball, 1 x 7.2Volt NiMH rechargeable battery, 1 x battery charger and instructions. Remote control requires 2 x AA batteries (not included). Dimensions are L6.5” x W14.5” x H12.3”. Suitable for children aged 3-8 years.

ASSEMBLY: Some very simple assembly is required prior to use:
- BigFoot's arm needs to be clicked at the socket onto the peg of the body.
- The rechargeable battery must be charged for at least four hours using the battery charger provided. Once charged, the battery needs to be inserted into the battery compartment on the underside of BigFoot's foot. The compartment can be loosened and re-locked with a coin or slotted screwdriver.
Two AA alkaline batteries also need to be inserted into the remote control, using a Phillips screwdriver (not included).
- Both the power switch on BigFoot's foot and on the remote control must be in the 'on' position for the toy to be controlled.

Fisher-Price BigFootGOOD POINTS: If you're looking to buy your child something a little different, then BigFoot the Monster is definitely the toy for you. At first glance, the price may be a little off-putting, however this toy is certainly worth the money in terms of its functionality and the endless entertainment it will provide, to you as well as your kids!

BigFoot is a freestanding monster made from a robust plastic to withstand child play, and has wonderful attention to detail, with movable limbs, lovable facial features, and a head of spikey hair!

The toy is capable of performing a huge range of activities and actions, and is controlled via a fun remote control in the shape of one of BigFoot's feet. Furthermore, the remote is wireless which means no interfering wires to get in the way, and it has simple-to-use buttons for small fingers to operate, with symbols on each to enable young children to easily identify which action they would like BigFoot to perform (a 'Quick reference guide' is also included which explains briefly the functions of each of the buttons).

These actions include making BigFoot happy (laughs and sings), angry (pounds his Fisher-Price BigFootfists) or sleepy (yawns and falls asleep); making him throw a ball (included with the toy), roll forwards, backwards or do a headstand; perform exercises and count reps, or do a range of crazy movements! Additional arrow buttons on the remote make BigFoot walk forwards and backwards. He can also be made to laugh and throw a ball via interactive buttons on his belly and hand respectively, and a further button in his mouth makes him chew and burp when he is fed. Holding the buttons down, both on BigFoot's body and on the remote, activate an array or gibberish sounds and phrases to accompany the actions. These are listed in the instructions manual for your child to listen out for. A further clever feature of the toy is that BigFoot will tell you when batteries are running low!

This is a truly unique and fantastically designed toy, which is very robust, and is capable of performing a seemingly endless range of fun and amusing movements and sounds....well worth every penny in our opinion!

BAD POINTS: The toy is expensive, and does not include batteries for the remote control, which must be purchased separately. Batteries will need to be charged/replaced more frequently with heavy use.

PRICE: Approx. £100

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Amazon: Imaginext BigFoot the Monster   

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