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Vivid Imaginations Animagic Benji My Best Friend

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PRODUCT: Vivid Imaginations Animagic Benji My Best Friend ( Imaginations Benji

DESCRIPTION: An interactive soft toy puppy called Benji that sits up, barks, wags his tail, moves his head, wiggles his ears and eyebrows, lies down, growls, barks, snores and plays tug of war. Comes with rope and name collar. Requires 4 x C batteries (included). Stands 38cm tall. Also in the Animagic range is Sunny (puppy), Cassy (cat) and Snowy (rabbit). Suitable for children aged 3 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: If your child is desperate to have a pet - and most parents will at some point have heard those dreaded words 'When can we get a dog?' - then the Animagic range of electronic toy pets from Vivid Imaginations may just be the next best thing!

In particular, one of the toys in the range, called Benji, is a cute looking plush white West Highland Terrier that has many interactive functions to keep young girls in particular entertained for hours. The toy is indeed very realistic in size and appearance, with big fluffy hair, sticking up ears and tail, a cute pink and blue neck collar (with name tag attached) and all the lovable features of a real pup (without the mess and the constant chewing of furniture that is!)

Vivid Imaginations Animagic BenjiBenji is very easy to operate - the power switch is located next to the battery compartment on the underside of the dog - and really is an 'intelligent' toy with some great technology, including both touch and motion sensors to make it interact like a real puppy. When Benji sees you he pants and barks, wags his tail and sits up to greet you (he can automatically detect when someone is in the room), and if he is stroked on his back or tickled under his chin, he moves his head to one side and wiggles his eyebrows and ears with excitement. In addition, he plays an ingenious tug of war game with his rope - when the rope is placed into his mouth he reacts by pulling back and making playful growling noises. And when he's had enough of playing, he lies down and snores while he has a quick doze!

Benji really is a fantastic toy that will fascinate, delight and amuse young children. He becomes more responsive the more he is played with, and gives children all the fun and enjoyment of a real life puppy without any of the mess or hassle associated with looking after one. Great stuff, and likely to be a popular choice for Christmas!

BAD POINTS: The toy is battery operated, and is quite expensive, but does have lots of functions.

PRICE: Approx. £69.99


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