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Ideal Girls World Styling Head

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PRODUCT: Ideal Girls World Styling Head ( Adams Girls World Styling Head

DESCRIPTION: A stand-alone dolls modelling head and hair to style, make over and accessorise. Features growing hair tress and lots of accessories including hair clips, hair brush, beads, bead applicator, coloured hair extensions, hair scrunchies, hair elastics, hair slide, claw clips and instructions. Head stands 30cm tall. Suitable for children aged 4 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: The Girls World Styling Head is a really classic girls' toy from the 1970's, and while its looks and accessories have changed over the years, it is still a great fun product that will keep young stylists entertained for hours!

For those new to Girls World, it is a mannequin head and shoulders with a flat base which allows it to stand unsupported on a table or worktop. The head (which turns separately from the shoulders) has lots of pretty facial detailing and plenty of long straight blond hair for your child to comb and fashion in all manner of styles. A pink choker round the dolls neck cleverly hides the join between the head and shoulders. Just like the vintage Girls World, an additional hair tress on top of the head can be extended and shortened as desired, which adds an extra dimension to the styling possibilities (the instructions provide details on using this hair 'growing' function).

A large number of accessories are also included with the doll (although sadly not the eyelashes and hair curlers of the vintage dolls!). This particular styling head does not include make-up, although the eyes and lips come already made-up and your child could always apply some of their own (or mum's) cosmetics!

The accessories include a stiff brush for combing the hair, along with an array of coloured hair bands and pretty clips and slides to decorate. In addition, the set includes some funky pink and lilac extensions for attaching to the existing hair, and a really effective bead applicator enables your child to easily and quickly thread coloured beads (also included) onto hair segments - the instructions also show how to do this, along with details on applying clips and making plaits.

We think that the Girls World Styling Head is a versatile toy for young girls which allows them to get really creative, and includes a nice variety of accessories that children can also use on their own hair!

BAD POINTS: The head is light and has no suction-cup feet to hold it in place when being styled, so easily falls over. No make-up is included to 'make over' the doll as implied on the box. The hair is a little wirey and prone to tangles, and it cannot be washed or blow dried.

PRICE: Approx. £25


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