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Spin Master Zoobles Family Day Jump Rope Playset

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PRODUCT: Spin Master Zoobles Family Day Jump Rope Playset ( )Spin Master Zoobles Family Jump Rope

DESCRIPTION: A plastic activity playset from the Zoobles Family Day toy range including a functional jump rope Happitat with rotating handle which makes the Zooble physically leap over the rope. Includes 1 x unique 'spring to life' birdie Zooble, 1 x Zooble mini-friend, 1 x Jump Rope Happitat, 1 x picnic basket and picnic accessories. Suitable for children aged 4 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: The Zoobles Family Day Jump Rope Playset is a wonderful little set from the Spin Master Zoobles range that is great fun as an individual set but also makes a nice addition to other Zoobles products.

The playset comprises a fun plastic activity play area with a bright treetrunk design, which consists of a wonderful little interactive Jump Rope Happitat, complete with central 'nest' for the accompanying Zooble to sit in and a suspended blue plastic skipping rope. The detailing on the Happitat is wonderful, with plenty of foliage and tree bark markings.

Spin Master Zoobles Family Jump RopeThe rope can be manually rotated using a handle on the side, and each time the rope turns full circle, a mechanism in the base makes the Zooble actually jump up and leap over the rope back into their starting position. Young children will love counting up the skips and setting themselves challenges to see if they can help the Zooble beat their jumping record!

The unique Zooble (called Zippy) which comes with the playset has a cute bird design to complement the theme, with beak, wing and head crest detailing, as well as a pretty heart pattern around the body. Like all the Zoobles, this birdie Zooble character contains springy components that allow it to curl up completely into a compact (rolling) ball which magically pops open again when placed on Happitat 'hot spots'.

The set also comes with a very cute and tiny Zoobles mini-friend (a bunny) which has its own home in the tree stump, as well as some miniature picnic accessories, including a little plastic basket, some cardboard picnic goodies, and also a checkered picnic rug. Also note that there are places either side of the rope for two additional Zoobles friends to sit (not included), and any standard Zooble can be used with the jump rope.

In our opinion, the Zoobles Family Day Jump Rope Playset is another very collectible Zoobles product for girls which has a unique and fun interactive design, and lots of accessories to encourage plenty of imagination and role play. Its compatibility with other Zoobles products makes it a great item to complement their wider Zoobles collection.

BAD POINTS: The sets are quite small and delicate, and may get easily stepped on or lost.

PRICE: £14.99


Available from Amazonalt, Argos and Boots 


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